Lovely. I see Bunny Ears, Cut-out Maillots, Denim, Sheer, Thigh-High Boots/Socks, One shouldered dresses/tops, Ripped Denims/Stockings – some of which have made their way to the top of 2009’s IT list.

HAIR! Platinum blonde, 70’s, Long and Wavy, Up-do, Loose Buns, and Braids – dangnabbit, braids are huge next year, particularly side-braids.

Spring 2010. Yay, moar Mouse/Bunny ears! Yellows, Pinks, Reds. I see Lingerie worn “out” is still expected to be in the scene, drapey dresses and sheer. And those awesome, “extended shoulder” Blazers/Dresses.

(via F’nising)

I think 2010 is exciting for Fashionistas. For some reason I feel like Avant-Garde is starting to become something we could do everyday. For people who have been praying for this (like me, since I like experimenting a lot when it comes to my outfits, well not that I can go Dior on your ass in terms of creativity, but) I think this year is for us.

Not to brag, but I’ve always loved the idea of wearing corsets and negligees out, and ripped/distressed stockings have sort of been a thing for me since 2007 because I was all over the scene, err… scene. And I have been sporting the messy up-do/loose buns/side braids since God knows when. Oh yeah, 2004.

So what does that tell us? We should never be afraid of wearing and doing whatever we want when it comes to Fashion. For all we know, in the years to come, what people laughed at you at would definitely be something that would inspire others to do one day. Like that girl who snickered and pointed at me saying I was wearing “Elephant Jeans”, that it hasn’t been “in” for years when they were actually “Wide Leg Jeans”, something that was featured in TeenVogue the month before I got my hands on one.

Among many things Anna Wintour is right about, “There is something about Fashion that scares people.” I hope you stop being one of them. This is our year, people!