I made up for all the weekends I should have been spending in Al Serkal by immersing myself in so much art these past two months. I must say, it really gave me the energy boost I needed to be more productive. Some days started with me feeling forced to go (by myself), and boy am I glad I did! Here are photos taken during several days spent at Al Serkal, as well as Gallery Tours in Abu Dhabi (NYU Arts, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Warehouse 421), and the most recent trip to Jaddaf Island (Jameel Arts Centre), and that really fun visit at the Dubai Astronomy Group.

I’ve seen only two films at Cinema Akil (my love), much to my disappointment, it should have been more but I was lazy on most weekends (and tight on funds). Bummed that I missed out on Cold War (long story why … don’t want to disclose).

Drew loves these things as much as I do, and I just can’t wait for us to be doing this together soon.

Leila Heller Gallery

Spot me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and m

Cinema Akil is home to me. Whenever I visit, it feels like coming home. I saw Skate Kitchen that day. Glorious.

The perfect jumpstart to a morning at Serkal, of course (Wild and the Moon)

This piece is by Hans-Peter Feldmann, called the “One on One (Milky Way)“. We were instructed to go in this small, secluded corner of the gallery one by one. This particular area had no surveillance cameras, so when we all had our turns, the guides asked us what we did, and it was amusing to see how differently we all interpreted it. I obviously didn’t think it was a no for taking pictures, so …

This is a Dali!!!!

NYU Art Center in Abu Dhabi, where they hosted one of my most favorite exhibits, called “Ways of Seeing”, curated by Sam Bardouil and Till Fellrath. I always like going in front of the group during guided tours (medyo pa-bibo), but they were such amazing guides, made me wish I could record everything they were saying because they definitely made me think a lot without giving so much away (context-wise). We also got a tour of the Arts Center afterwards, and it made me wish I could go back to school and enroll in Arts, or, dare I even say it — theatre.

Manarat Al Saadiyat

Warehouse 421 had several exhibits (we went on the day of its opening), and there was a display of posters designed by Middle Eastern artists. They were all so beautiful.

During Yousuf’s visit, we had breakfast with our friends Ellise and Jeh at the Arabian Tea House, and then went around the galleries at Fahidi — Al Serkal and XVA, to name some.

Later that day, we headed to Al Serkal (Al Quoz), and chilled a bit before going to La Mer. This was at Nightjar, my new favorite blogging site (literally).

Açaí everything, please and thank you (Wild and the Moon)

Al Jameel Arts Center

Dubai Astronomy Group (yes, that’s a meteorite!), we also got to see Mars through a telescope and were taught how to spot the Northern Star after our group session. IT WAS AWESOME.

Back at Nightjar where I finished working on my previously published post — HA!

Back at Cinema Akil for An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn. I LOVED IT. But who am I kidding — I’ll watch anything that has Aubrey Plaza.

I bought this book from the Jameel Arts Center’s Shop because as pretentious as this sounds, I really, really do love Art. It doesn’t hurt to educate myself more. We’re never too old to learn (even the basics!).

*Complete list of artists are on my Instagram.