This is long overdue! And despite this post’s title, some of these lippies were bought earlier than April. So excited to be doing this again. I’m no expert, obviously — but I am hella obsessed with Lipsticks!

In this post I will be swatching Liquid Lippies from DOSE in Bare with Me and Stone, ColourPop in Beeper and Clueless and MAC Retro Matte in Back in Vogue.

Won’t be blabbering much — heading straight to the fun part! FYI, I bought DOSE from @rusumat2014, and ColourPop from @bello24shop.


(Disclaimer : Photos were shot in natural light, using my iPhone6, auto-color adjusted on Photoshop )


 Dose, Bare With Me


Bare With Me is my current go-to Peach Nude, and my favourite base for mixing other lippies. I’ve been saving ABH’s Pure Hollywood because I use it on a near-regular basis, and I don’t have the munniez to restock yet. Haha! What I love about Dose’s formula though is that it’s just the right amount of creamy, and does not dry your lips out once it settles to Matte.


Dose, Stone


Stone is a dusty pink shade. Not a lot of those go well with me but this one just does, I don’t even mind using it alone. By the way — one of the best things about Dose lippies : They’re Vegan.


ColourPop, Clueless


Should I even get to the controversial side of this shade? Nah. Haha! This is my first Ultra Matte Lippie purchase and it did not disappoint. I mean, c’mon — does ColourPop ever. Best to use after exfoliating your lips, and preferably with a dab of balm before applying, as it does seem to be a bit drying. Make sure you apply evenly because the booboos are pretty hard to wipe off once it sets! The formula is so lightweight, I forget that I have anything on my lips.


ColourPop, Beeper


Not a color I would usually use on it’s own, also I did not expect that it would look this dark on me! But do you see why it’s so easy to love? You could mix it with Velvet Teddy or other nude lipsticks to mute it a little.


Mac Retro Matte, Back In Vogue


This is my favourite liquid lippie to use by the Pool or at the Beach. The formula is creamy, and does not completely dry off your lips. Good to go with one swipe. I usually apply this on top of my favourite lip tint, it looks so natural.

Will be publishing my next Review + Swatching post by the 1st of June so try to check that one out. Doing these entries is pretty addicting but my Wallet says otherwise.

Smear responsibly!