(image by Chris Slabber)

Maybe you’ll see me standing in the middle of the field, facing the sun, tears in my eyes. You’d put your hand on my shoulder. I would turn to you and say …

Maybe this is over the realization that I have loved, love, and will love you with every cell, bone, and fiber of my being, regardless of whether I am loved in return. And sometimes, that is enough.

Some of us are born to solely give love. Loving others is receiving love in itself; and there is always something bad in the good.

When I met you, I did not things would be this way. I look at how far we’ve come. I look at how much of myself I have poured into you. I look at the many times you have filled me, only to empty me again. I look at the days you have taken me for granted.

I watched myself over and over in my head. I watched myself give in to you, knowing how the moment is going to end. We go back to our lives. And I am just another name on your phonebook.

And all this time I have been seeing it wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not be afraid when a Woman stops caring. Be afraid of a Woman who sees her worth.

Nothing good comes out of it. Only ashes, from which she will rise.