A little backstory on how this came about : My friend Loji tagged me on one of Fahad’s photos on Instagram looking for Models. And the rest is beautiful history. Heh. I tried so hard to keep my cool while shooting with Fahad, who is nothing short of awesome (and also very, very down-to-earth and has the best taste in Music). Unforgettable moment was definitely when my tummy decided to protest in the middle of our shoot and we managed to laugh it off (well, I laughed it off nervously).

Also, how I was trying to convince him to listen to Bon Iver but we both agreed that Bon Iver made us sad (but look at me, listening to Bon Iver as I type this entry).

You’ve probably read┬áthis┬ábefore (I’ve posted about it a couple of times), but it’s worth reiterating : Acid Banana is kick-ass.