When I heard that Coldplay was going to do the NYE Concert in Abu Dhabi, I was sure it was a hoax. A cruel, cruel joke.

Boy, was I wrong.

Incidentally, my Sissys Nof and Sheenie were flying in to Dubai for about a week to ring in the New Year . And I thought the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Goes without saying, of course I tried to take them around Dubai – at least what we could squeeze in during their short visit.


They arrived on the 28th of December and we met up the next day for Dinner, and since Sheena had to see some of her closest friends also living in the city, the rest of us stayed and decided to watch TWO MOVIES. We saw Passengers and La La Land.


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You know this face means : “I’m definitely seeing it again” … and I did.


The next day was just a simple walkathon in Dubai Mall. Lel. I treated them to watch Rogue One in MX4D (yes, I do love and appreciate our corporate discount, not gonna lie).

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetPurrty, innit?

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IMG_1380 IMG_1365

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So … what’s up there?

That night, the girls gifted me with a mug from the Galleries Lafayette and said “So you could remember how much we love you everyday before drinking your Coffee”. The text in the mug said “I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK”. It’s definitely the simple things.


We took an early bus to Abu Dhabi at the Ibn Battuta Bus Station. I slept like a baby. I booked an AirBnB for us in the City with the best host ever, Harly (check out the space here – I recommend it, 10/10). So sad that I wasn’t able to see the Dogs, they were away during the weekend! Huhu. Our room had a bacony and everything!


IMG_1432 IMG_1464 IMG_1437

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My favourite part was using this photo as a map when we “got lost”, hahaha!

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We of course Carpe Diem’d the heck out of that day, we were only staying overnight. Nof’s been here before (some of her closest relatives live in Abu Dhabi), so we decided to see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.


I mean, mashaAllah.

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Nof tells me that this clock displays the time of prayer – the Arabic text on the petals are the 6 prayers our Muslim brethren offer everyday : Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. The times differ on a daily basis. I could be wrong, but from what I read online, they rely on the Sun’s position in the sky to base the first prayer of the day.



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It was scorching hot that day, I tell you. After that we went to Marina Mall and at this point I am moody as fork. I just wanted to sleep, lelz. Nof wanted us to see the “Rotating Restaurant” at the top floor, which we did, but unfortunately couldn’t dine there as they were closing. I just really wanted to sleep. Even the cone of Rita’s Custard I devoured after Lunch didn’t do shit to fix my mood.


We came up with a brilliant idea of leaving our AirBnB at 7:00 PM. WE HAD NO IDEA THAT CABS WOULD BE FORKING SCARCE THAT NIGHT. We ended up waiting for more than an hour. MORE THAN AN HOUR to start a 40 minute ride to the venue. Of course I knew that the band would appear in the size of ants from our standpoint. Doesn’t mean we enjoyed any less.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Chris Martin counted down to 2017 for you! Be merry!


Really wished this booth wasn’t stationed at this part of the arena. We paid for our tickets too you know? LELZ. Some parts of the evening I forget that we aren’t watching a Boxing Match. Ha.

IMG_1827 (1)

They threw tons of Balloons to the audience and it was fun.


IMG_1891 IMG_1893 IMG_1896

You can’t tell from my face how happy I was. I’m telling you though, I was really happy. It’s just not obvious.



Star -shaped Confetti!

I enjoyed that night so much even if some of the people surrounding us were rude. Most of them were fun to be around though because they sang along a lot.




Woke up early the next day (early-ish), we arrived at the AirBnB around 4:00 (okay, more like 5:00) AM because we stood in line to take a cab for FOUR HOURS. Ended up leaving the line, taking a van back to the city and paid 50 AED each (!!!!). I wish the Organisers thought about getting as much Cabs as they could because not everyone drives their own car or has Hotel Shuttles.

We met up with Nof’s super cool Aunt driving an FJ (COOL MOM, obviously), and we ended up staying for Lunch for about 40 minutes (we had to be super fast because the movers were coming to the apartment to drop off our stuff from Jeddah), and I couldn’t be more in love with their family (mashaAllah). Her Cousins were so funny and cute. I wish we could have stayed longer because they’ve made me laugh so hard with their snarky comments against each other (imagine having three teenage Sons, mashaAllah). Nof’s Aunt and Uncle told us about their NYE festivities and said their Sons were out partying together. Ha. So cute. I love them, such a hip family. MashaAllah.



We were so hungry and the food was so good, we didn’t even think of taking a BEFORE photo, haha!



Before we parted ways in Ibn Battuta!

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Met up with Nof later that evening for Dinner at MoE.

IMG_2234 IMG_2235

We met up again the next day for another Dinner at Din Tai Fung before they left to the Airport! I didn’t tell them but I cried in the Cab on the way back to our Apartment. Ha.

I cannot wait to see these Girls again.