(Mich and I both LOVE Marie Antoinette, teehee)

I ended up following Mich (who I sometimes call Miks) back on Instagram back in … I don’t even remember. But I consider it to be part of our blossoming friendship’s History. I mentioned this on today’s THT entry, how I’ve been talking a lot to friends whose friendships I’ve established (with) online. I’m so happy that the Internet is allowing me to meet people I wouldn’t think to be possible in real life because of my Introversion.

Mich was kind enough to want to do a feature on me, and being the sap that I am, ended up shedding a tear or two reading her kind, kind words.


Check out the feature here, and make sure you add her up on your BlogRoll. She and I are basically on the same wavelength in terms of Blogging. If you’re into Melancholy, Blogging like nobody’s reading, but at the same time like to write about Make-Up and Fashion and Beauty and Love and Life, and all the kerfuffle in between, then we’re on your team.

And to Mich – I definitely look forward to the day I can finally hug you and stuff my face with Macarons with you, and finally talk about all the things we do on WhatsApp in person so you can see how awkward I am but I think you already know that about me. I pray for nothing but the best for you. You deserve it. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your life, and for the trust! Here’s to you, and to our friendship.

Love, love, and lots and lots of hugs! x