Drew started blogging a year or two after me. I got him into it. It’s always interesting to read blogs of people like him because he’s so … Mysterious. Sure, people know he loves Anime, is a fitness junkie, is weird (but my kind of weird). But not a lot of people actually know how articulate he is.

I’m so happy I convinced him (yet again) – to go back to Blogging.

His Blog is a much lighter, funner read than mine, I believe. I’m so proud of him.

His second blog post definitely mirrors my thoughts and feelings on Self-Love and Acceptance. You should check it out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.11.48 AM

Thought I should warn you though : he’s quite into gifs and memes  Visit his Blog, Vivere Fortis, here. Trust me, it’s an instant pick-me-upper.