It was the peak of Multiply — one of the many things I am thankful to the Internet for. She came into my life through a very short but sweet Direct Message, and the rest was beautiful, beautiful History.  There was something about this Woman, little did I know she would end up becoming one of my Heroes, for many reasons only she and I know about. It is that precious, I can’t even disclose in public.

Little did I know, we had more things in common than later on having common friends. She was actually born in Taif, K.S.A.! My goodness, that’s like a 4 hour drive from where I’m at. Raised in Cavite and currently thriving in Dubai. She placed quotation marks around the word thriving but I don’t think they’re necessary — because she really is.

Rosan took BS Clothing Technology in UPD, started out in E-Commerce for Team Manila Lifestyle (that’s sick, who doesn’t LOVE Team Manila), and is now working for Marketing and Events in the U.A.E.

I wanted to know so much about how she ended up fulfilling one of her dreams, and started asking her all the cheesy (but important) questions :

Book Cover

Ugh, so much wit on the cover alone!!!

Were you always fond of cooking? If not, when did you find out that it was one of your passions?
Super no! Ironically, I grew up being surrounded by pots and pans and ingredients in my hometown Cavite, my family is big on homecooking as with every girl who grew up in the province. My grandparents were farmers so we always had fresh vegetables, our own rice, poultry and my whole clan will always be on a bamboo table every weekend, cooking for the town’s birthdays, weddings and even funerals. Me, not being able to cook was my form of angst and rebellion. Plus, it was corny for me to be so domesticated.

But then, I moved here to Dubai and realized I would burn my money with all the food expenses in this glitzy place. I had to force myself to learn how to cook. That was when I was single. Now I’m happily in a relationship, and I really want to feed my man ☺ I realized how awesome the language of edible love is. And I feel so independent doing my grocery shopping in heels. Hehe.


My Cooking Clan

Did you always want to publish a book?
I am the laziest person and procrastinator even though I know that I can write well. But I wasn’t brave enough until I got tired of it. One night I was just fuming mad at the universe for making me feel so stagnant even though I know I’m talented, that I chatted THE Ramon Bautista up. I remembered from waaaay before, when I was writing a blog on heartbreak, he pitched me to actually make a book out of it. Then realized, I had been cooking from scratch for 6 months straight already that maybe I had enough content. It was so much more, I discovered when I dove head in to it. Called Ms. Khuey Garces of Psicom Publishing and wrote my proposal and the rest I say, is a clean, swept plate of delicious adobo coupled with good burps ☺

TV feature on Kontrabando

TV Feature on The Practicing Misis at Kontrabando

What inspired you to go with this theme? Your Cookbook isn’t just a Cookbook — it’s very unique, I can’t even think of a category it should be under if I were a Bookshop Owner. I don’t even like calling it a Cookbook (not that there’s anything wrong with it), but it’s just so much more than that!
I just really wanted how to learn to cook and created my own hashtag, #PracticingMisis, just so I can trace my food properly for myself. Made an album in Facebook for my friends and family elders to see that I was actually learning. But then I found a pattern in how I wrote my captions, why I cooked what I cooked, and realized I wanted to poke fun on society’s take on un-domesticated women of the millennial generation, on how the stove is the closest I can get to answer to my nostalgia. Plus I wanted to write a cookbook I want to read. Vain I know, but a trip to the bookstore to check out cookbooks make me feel that most are written for those who know their way around the kitchen already. I want my cookbook to be a talkative noisy yet caring neighbor or friend that you would want to ask regarding the most basic of recipes without getting embarrassed.

writing late at night

Writing late at Night

My mini mini studio

My Mini-Studio

What were the “best things” you learned while writing this book?
I’ll try to name five things:
1.) Be grateful to fellow creators who contribute to your work.
2.) You will always have to surround yourself with people who will inspire you. That’s a given. But, always always remember your haters, those who try to bring you down or make light of what you’re doing, making it seem petty. The world will open up and feed you the right things to survive in your craft. Take everything in.
3.) It’s okay to keep talking about your goals instead of keeping it to yourself. I found that doing this, you are being brave in actually wearing your heart on your sleeve thus you will push yourself further to work hard on it. Simultaneous process of walking the talk and talking the walk.
4.) Prayer, progressive rock music and a hot bubble bath filled with bath salts are such good foundations for a calm practice of your craft.
5.) Never lose your humor while sweating it out. The best things come from humor. And wit. Never let go of being jologs, if you are. But don’t overdo it as well. ☺

My workspace where I Instagram the food and write

My Workspace

Favourite part of your writing process?
My partner was with me from Day 1: Draft to Day Nth: Sending out Final Manuscript for layout. He was my favorite thing, sobrang keso! Haha. He would always make me my late night coffee and made sure I had socks and a pillow on my back when I was writing those 55 recipes each night, nonstop. And because he is a visual artist, his works and thoughts are a big help to my creative process. Plus of course, us both eating the food right after cooking it ☺

Waking up early to source for my fresh grocery vegetables

Waking up early to source for my fresh grocery vegetables

Favorite activity is morning grocery shopping

Favorite activity is morning grocery shopping


In Action


My Favourite Kitchen Companion

How did you deal with the pressure / stress of finishing the book?
I made sure to have a calendar of the number of recipes I had to cook and write each night after my day job. Always kept inspired by reading and reading. The hard task of doing things is actually easy, it’s the inspiration to keep going that’s hard. So even with a tight deadline, I watched a lot of movies, went out with friends then boom went back to being holed up in my own cave again. Prayers and motherly advices as well, of course.


One of my Favourite Dishes : Lechonado


Another Favourite : Strawberry Taho

Book/s you read while dealing with the pressure / stress of finishing the book? (such a LOL question but I’m curious!)
Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso (because duh), And Until the Dreams Come by Danabelle Gutierrez (an amazing book of poetry! The author is a good friend and one who pushed me to write the book too), Alternative Alamat by Paolo Chikiamco (stories inspired by Philippine mythology) put me to sleep and close to home. As you can see, no cookbooks. Because I was afraid I might change my tone on how to write the book so I wanted different reading material.

The first time I laid my eyes on my book cover straight from the airport

The first time I laid eyes on my book (coming straight from the Airport)

So many of us are aspiring writers, and I consider you to be one of my greatest inspirations (in almost all aspects of life) — what advise would you give your readers when it comes to pursuing their dreams?
That’s weird because I consider you of my greatest inspirations too ☺ NO BOLA, YOU KNOW THAT ABBIE from my blog thesis before when I had you as my fashion blogger respondent, remember?! ☺ Now, you’re one of my favorite passion bloggers, Abbie ☺

My advise would be: Be selective of your dreams. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do several things and make grand things in life. I wanted to be an artista. That didn’t work out for me. I wanted to play music. I wanted to be an editor in the fashion industry. I wanted several things all at the same time. But you have to listen to your authentic self. Practice being honest and know what you really want. Be vocal about it and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Pause and respect times in your life when you can’t create anything. Then go full force at it. Get crazy obsessed with it while still loving the shit out of life. Fucking ugly cry into your pillow. Be the most fragile thing. Then get yourself some bubble wrap to protect yourself. But don’t be emo. Enjoy the process and don’t be shy that you love yourself and what you do. Because you never know who is in a rut that you actually can inspire. Find stories everywhere and try to relate to them, then you can create your own wonderful world ☺


Cooking Together

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