1. MUSICAL OSTs. This week, it’s all about RENT and HSM. And how can the songs from these musicals not be a pick-me-upper? Well, for about half of the tracks on Rent, that is. 
2. DIET ON HOLD. I started a protest against my own diet recently (just for a day other than my Cheat Day and it felt good). I cooked two packs of Kalamansi flavored Pancit Canton, drizzled it with Butter and topped it off with TJ Hotdogs. I REGRET NOTHING.
3. COKE FLOAT. Among other cravings I have satisfied. GIEF ME ALL TEH FOOD.
4. MAGIC MIKE XXL. It’s probably the hormones. I wasn’t this ecstatic after watching Magic Mike. But of course the second installment was a lot more daring than the first. And, well, Channing Tatum is Channing Tatum. You can’t run out of reasons to love that man, but dammit MATT BOMER. Actually, I screamed at each of their performances. Joe, Donald, and how awesome is Twitch? He was my Mom’s favorite (mine as well), when he was on SYTYCD. Not to mention, Amber Heard is in this. There’s got to be a Woman to catch my attention. Couldn’t help but wonder how the theaters cleaned out the seats after each screening.
5. LIFELINE. It’s one of the apps that I was having second thoughts on buying, but after Ade posted an entry on his current favorite games, I gave it a try and didn’t regret it. As expected, I was easily attached to Taylor. I’m tempted to play the game again so I could be in touch with her again (I just assumed Taylor is a girl), but I’m happy with how she ended up the first time I played, so I’ll probably leave it at that.
6. THIS PARTY. We weren’t complete, but it was still fun with these guys. Kind of bummed that the party ended early (at 2AM), but so happy that Basheer played a LOT of Hip Hop and R&B. I mean, my jams, Brah. My jams. Anyway, we don’t have a decent photo, so here’s a screencap of a Snap, by Nof obviously.

7. A COMPLIMENT. An upcoming local designer in the Middle East gave me a compliment during a fitting recently, saying that I look like a 90’s Calvin Klein Ad. My life is made.

8. ANTM (CYCLE 22). This is by far the most interesting group of people to have lived together in the Model House. What I love most about it is, the models continue to shock me, personality-wise. And I mean that in a good way. You think this is just a show about models and modeling, right? But you end up learning a lot more than that.  Devyn is slowly becoming a favorite. But you know who I think is playing their cards right? LACEY. Girl is on-point during shoots, and doesn’t create drama in the house. So far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. My other favorites are Mikey, Ava and Mame. Maybe Justin too if he tries a different lewk on the next episode. But his body movement is amaaaaaze.

9. VELVET TEDDY. Finally. It’s always unavailable whenever I try to get my hands on it. I’ve been wanting to buy Kinda Sexy too, but next time. Here’s a raw photo of me wearing it, with sad Cat.

10. THE GROCERS. We have a chain of Grocery Stores here named DANUBE and it is the love of my life, primarily because it has a lot of imported goods. We get our slice of the good stuff thanks to it, because it has Ben & Jerry’s and A&W Root Beer among other things. They also have a LOT of Organic products. Been awhile since we were last there. I was so happy because I was able to get my hands on a lot of foooooood. And my favorite, ASPARAGUS.

Delayed post because /food coma/ yesterday. Drew and I made Burgers, Baked Fries and, as you know – Coke Float.

Thank You Lord for the good food.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Kids. Heading out with Maya in a few hours, will try to get some shut-eye for a bit.

Praying for a productive and happy week ahead.