Lord, wag naman po sanang maging Sine Wave ang buwan ko. This week has been nothing short of amazing. I can’t … get over it. Eee. I would say the “H” word but for some reason whenever I acknowledge my positive feelings, Life thinks its fun making me feel otherwise. BUT, YAY!

1.) CATCHING UP WITH DREW. You’d think this is weird, but we actually get to talk about really shallow, really deep, and all the things in between whenever we’re out. I find it beautiful, because it’s our way of socialising – with each other! Introverts should understand this. I find interesting because I’ve known him for more than 10 years and there’s still so much to know and learn (about each other). We could stay for hours in a Coffee Shop just talking. I love it. He still amazes me to this day because a lot of people only see him as this silly, goofy person who isn’t afraid of showing the world who he is. Underneath all that, you shouldn’t be surprised that he is actually VERY smart, and the way he articulates things still blows my mind. Subtle, but strong.


2.) MY MACBOOK PRO. I had the HD replaced sometime in 2013 – the HD was corrupted (boohoo). Then it happened again April of this year –  I couldn’t get past the White Apple screen of Terror. So Drew offered to pay for the repair because he could see how happy Blogging is making me again. That, and because I hog the PC all the time and he has an Empire to rule and his people need him. Also, I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but the repair people over at the Apple Store advised me to remove the case because it was causing my Laptop to overheat – and I was told that even before I mentioned that my Laptop does overheat a lot.


Took this during my supposed 30 second (work out) break, HUEHUEHUEHUE FEEL NA FEEL

3.) SHOPPING WITH NOFA. I’ve been trying to avoid shopping with Nof a lot because she always breaks my heart by asking me out and NOT actually buying anything and then I go home with all these bags asking myself what I’ve done when the person who should actually be carrying tons of them went home almost empty handed. But guess what – SHE ACTUALLY WENT SHOPPING. Is it because I was the one who actually asked her out? LEL. Not a surprise that we had a blast. We were in high spirits. I love her so much.

IMG_5829 IMG_5830

Look at this pretty girl next to me. MashaAllah.

4.) DINNER WITH MARK AND NOF. Apart from these two teasing me with saying “Last Two Weeks Ago” (because UGH, I hate it when people say that) over and over, the night was pretty awesome, stuffing our faces silly at Sushi Yoshi. See, the three of us would usually hang out and have dinners together a lot in 2009, then in 2010 Mark introduced us to JDC, and the rest is beautiful, beautiful History. When the boys are busy, we usually try to make time for ourselves the way we did then. And I was really happy that we pushed through that night. Really happy that I get to be friends with people like this. We became very responsible adults that night, too – we didn’t hustle each other, and each paid for our meal. That doesn’t happen a lot (This is Nof’s platter, by the way. We were supposed to grab a couple of these with her but I had the Chicken Teriyaki and Mark had Noodles + Creamy Tofu and we were all so full. Al Hamdulilah).


My ShapchART

5.) MY PLANNER. As you know, I’m very mababaw. So happy that Lance got my 2016 Moleskine (Le Petit Prince) Planner for me. Was opting for Kate Spade’s but it dawned on me that I’m past my super-girly phase.

6.) MY ONLINE FRIENDS. Who I definitely consider AS friends. God bless the Internet talaga. Been talking a lot to my Cake (Hi, Cams!), my Jobie (Hi, Jove!), Kristine (Hi, Kristine! If you’re reading this, get well soon!) and my new found friend, Miks (Hi, Mich!) – as an introvert, this is the most effective way of establishing a friendship with me. Haha! They get it (in person, I’m very awkward). It’s so hard to stop talking to these Girls. And I look forward to the day I could finally HUG them in person.

7.) MINDY’S /IAmA/. I was freaking out when I found out that Mindy was going to be on Reddit for her AMA. I did not move the entire time she was answering questions. I wasn’t expecting mine to be answered, and it wasn’t – but the thought that she and I were both online at the same time, staring at the same page, made me shed a tear. I was that ecstatic. Maya, I wish you were there to hold my hand, and I to hold yours. I would screen cap all her answers but dammit, when I read this, I read it out loud to Drew in her voice and he laughed at how accurate I sounded.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.34.35 PM

8.) JUSTIN BIEBER’S “I’LL SHOW YOU”. UGH. HE. IS. B A C K. And I’m so glad I never stopped Beliebing, HRHR.

9.) A SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS. Lelz. I didn’t have loose change to give the Cabbie, so I stopped by the closest Bagala (pronounced as “Baqala”, an air-conditioned Sari-Sari store) to grab a few things so I could get change. The Bagala didn’t have enough, and the Owner knows me since we’re basically neighbours. He said, “I’m sorry I don’t have change”, and I must’ve looked so bummed while I turned to look out to the Cabbie, because he did too, and understood in an instant. “How much do you need to pay the Taxi?”, he asks. I tell him and he hands me the exact amount (I paid him back later, of course). I felt so grateful to be living in this hood, and to be surrounded with kind people like him.

10.) PURPLE. Then there’s that.

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Happy Weekend, Kids.

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