Heading out in a few hours with Drew to have Korean for dinner and we’re currently back on the Warrior Diet. I’m supposed to eat not more than 300 calories during my undereating phase but I’m not even hungry. I’m sleepy though. Let me get to it so I can take a nap, lelz.

1.) FIBA. Joined Jayson to Sheraton Hotel to watch the FIBA’s (Filipino Basketball Association in Jeddah) Tournament open. It was nice to attend a Filipino-Organised event again. Haven’t been to one in ages. Also, all the FILIPINO FOOD!! YUMZ.


2.) JELENA. Sorry…I’m not sorry for shipping them!!!! Being the perv that I am, I used to have pap photos of Jelena on Island Trips saved on my laptop. They’re so cute.

3.) KACHING. Feeling so blessed to have dough to spend on glorious food. My eyes are set on buying myself a WHOLE ISPAHAN MACARON CAKE FROM PINK CAMEL AND NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME.

4.) BOOKED. For something I will share soon, should it push through! So happy, so grateful.

5.) 20 MINUTE WALK FOR CHICKENJOY. Lelz. We ran errands and realised we were so close to Sarawat (where one of two Jollibee branches in Jeddah are). We’re back on the Warrior Diet and the walk was a bit excruciating considering how near it actually is. Loved the view up on the Overpass, too (see post’s featured image).


Didn’t have time to properly flat-lay BECAUSE I WAS JUST SO HUNGRY.

6.) NEW NIKE GEAR. Drew got me new Workout Stuff from Nike, HUEHUE. Well, he plans for us to shoot for one of his upcoming blog posts so I took the bill out of his wallet. Galawang Bree … joke lang, I don’t know what that means, really.

7.) MAKE – UP MAKE – UP MAKE – UP. Guys. Ano ba. I spent so much on Lippies (what’s new). I’m going to be posting Swatches of my latest hauls, and probably lewks too. I also FINALLY GOT THE TARTE TARTELETTE PALETTE YESSSSSS.

8.) THURSDAY FUN DAY. Maximized my Thursday by hanging out with Nof, Mark, Fatoom and Rawan. Nof took this very “Take me To” inspired photo while we made our way to the crowd at the Red Sea Mall food court. She had to retake the photos a lot, this one has lesser volume of people, lelz.


9.) MY WILLPOWER TO NOT (OVER)SPEND. But that’s subjective because my definition of over-spending is … anyway, getting to the point, I frolicked for nearly an hour in Zara and came out of the store empty-handed despite my willingness to shell out a bill or two. I’m pretty proud of myself. Also, majority of the stuff I wanted wasn’t available (in store and in my size). Hmm, I guess I should have started with that.

10.) LOVE. Seeing Gaspar Noés “Love” really hit the nail on the head. I’m so glad there’s a film of his I could watch more than once in a year. Not to sound redundant but I love the guy. He’s just that good of an artist that you don’t really need to see his other films more than once in the same year you’ve seen it (or two). I N T E N S E.


Aomi Muyock is precious.

At the end of typing this post, I got hungry. So I’m stuffing my face with this untouched Hotdog Sammich I made a couple of days ago and left in the Fridge LEL. Then I’m off to see the Sandman. Weekend’s looking pretty good.

And of course, don’t forget to leave your THT Links over at my Wifey, Helga’s blog (who originally came up with this very, super, extremely helpful weekender ritual). Let’s focus on what placed that stupid smile on our faces. Even the smallest, simplest ones, because they’re the ones that count. Click on the pretty button she made (below)!

Happy Weekend, Kids.

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