SUPER LATE, but you know what they say about that. Was sulking a lot lately, which didn’t really put me in the mood but I figured, I have all these things to be thankful for. And I’d like to share them.

1.) SWIMMING WITH MY LOVES. I wrote a whole entry on that here.


2.) PIZZA FUSION C/O YOUSUF. Who knows the way to my tummy. So well, that he ordered that the Chicken Barbecue Pizza to be positioned in front of me. LOL.




We hit Bert’s for Dessert

3.) SHUT IT DOWN. This guy I know would annoyingly hit on me like he knows (and is SO SURE) I would actually SAY YES. Dude, no. For the first time, I did not regret being rude to turn him down, especially that he’s done this more than once.

4.) RESETTING MY iPHONE. My iPhone 6 has been acting up recently. I had no choice but to do a full reset and use it as a new phone, which was a blessing in disguise because it finally allowed me to get rid of the apps I don’t really use (and last year’s selfies I couldn’t bring myself to delete permanently).

5.) CALL RECEIVED. I can’t say what this is about. But I’d like to acknowledge my gratitude. Thank You, God.

6.)TROYE SIVAN’S BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD. I just found out that Troye finally released a full album while I was making tambay on the iTunes store. OMG, TALK ME DOWN PLS.

7.) WORKING OUT WITH RAHWA. I was so happy we used the Gym. I would like to marry the Lower Pulley machine please.


I’d upload a photo of us but they’re not decent shots and she would strangle me. LEL.

8.) VOICENOTES. Spent a good hour or so exchanging voice notes with my crazies, I was bawling because it was as if we were all just next to each other. I love them so much, sometimes it makes me cry.

9.) NEW SHEETS. Because nothing beats snuggling in clean sheets!

10.) PURPLE. Of course.

That’s it! I’m behind so many posts but let me get out of my sulking bubble (completely). It’s only been a few days since my most recent post but I already miss Blogging. Prayers, please.

And of course, don’t forget to leave your THT Links over at my Wifey, Helga’s blog (who originally came up with this very, super, extremely helpful weekender ritual). Let’s focus on what placed that stupid smile on our faces. Even the smallest, simplest ones, because they’re the ones that count. Click on this pretty button!

Happy Weekend, Kids!

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