Friyay again, you guys (it’s still Friday where I am, or at least the time I was finishing up this post, thanks to my awesome internet speed, I don’t think it’ll still be Friyay when this publishes)! How did your week go? Mine was pretty steady. Slightly Sine-Waving, but what’s new. I had a really weird dream this week. I woke up feeling … very … odd.


1.) ANNIVERSARY PARTY. Celebrated former workplace’s 15th Anniversary and had a blast as usual. The theme was Disney and the girls and I dressed up as Disney Princesses. Sheena came up with the idea to have me come as Tinkerbell (who isn’t a Disney Princess but hey, she oughta be … or is she in Tinkerbell land? Eh, too lazy to Google). But obviously, Sheena knows me so well.


I’m sure you know who Rahwa went as!


Skinny of course offers to use his long arm to take a photo of us …


… which he takes advantage of …


… I’m not having it. But Waleed doesn’t mind.


Prior to this photo, I was constantly nagging Waleed and it was getting on his nerves so I’m like “COME HERE!” and he’s like “OKAY BUT DON’T TOUCH ME!” LOOOOL


There were several takes before we got this shot so I had to behave.

2.) DINNER WITH THE GIRLS. Aniiiii where are you? LEL! Rahwa and I met up with Raisa and Lexy at Tao Lounge (FINALLY) and the interior is just so pretty. Great ambience! And not to mention, the weather that night was amazing (actually, for the past month or so), we decided to stay at the balcony.


Food was kinda pricey but I was very satisfied with my Lasagna


With Rai, Lexy and Rahwina (post dinner)


UGH, it’s too pretty! Taking Drew with me next time!


Rahwa and I headed to Stars Avenue after and had Dessert




3.) NEW CHARGER! Who could stand a charger that has more mood swings than you? YOUR BOO, MAYBE LELZ.

4.) SU:RA. Told you I was coming back. This time it was Drew’s turn to treat me! The Bulgogi wasn’t as good as the last time we went but it didn’t mean I didn’t stuff as much as I could. It was still good, mind you. But it just wasn’t as juicy.


Appetizer (SO!GOOD!)


Siyempre I had the Bulgogi again

5.) HAIR. Retouched my hair! Full story soon, teehee!


Really happy about this!

6.) DANUBE, WEE. Na-stress si Drew sa gastos namin in Danube this week HUEHUEHUE. I got frozen Bagels and make myself my baon every morning. I MEAN, LOOK.


7.) THESE GUYS. A very impromptu DINNER AND CHILL with Rahwa, Mark and Muha. I love having Dinner with them because we like to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Walang KJ, walang Diet-Diet! Anong diet?




8.) GLOOMY THURSDAY. I don’t know what is it with me these days that I appreciate Gloomy skies and Cuddle Weather even when I’m not in the comfort of my own bed. It gets me all nostalgic, but in the right way. It’s like the sky trying to calm me down or something. Beautiful.


9.) PURPLE. Purple, purple, purple.

10.) ATE DAISY’S BIRTHDAY. I was very emotional that night, but I did my best to hide it. I just love her so much. She’s become like a second Mother to me. I’m very thankful that she’s blessed (and will be blessed) to have many more Birthdays. She has such a big heart. Also, really happy to see Sheena up on her feet again (I love you, Sheen!)



IMG_0893 IMG_0883

Of course I cried.


Of course I’m taking a Selfie.


With Sheena and Rahwina


This also marks 7 years of Friendship with this Big Head (a.k.a. Mark)

And there you have it. I’m very happy that tomorrow is still a Weekend (in Jeddah, the Weekday starts on a Sunday). I’m kind of dreading the coming week because the daily commute is giving me a headache again but hopefully I’ll stay optimistic, regardless.

Hey, enjoy your weekend, Kids!

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