Taking a break from all the drama (publicly), and since I am also, taking a break from posting anything on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (well, except for the songs I’ve covered), thought of uploading these photos here.



I was treated to this yummy yummy Kit-Kat cake from Saadeedin earlier. It was so good!


Some of today’s acquisitions. FINALLY, a sculpting kit from MUFE! So excited to start using it tomorrow. I’ve been using cheap (but awesome too, nonetheless) contouring products from Maybelline, but they’re too creamy for me. Powder is awesome! And I bought a Contouring Brush too. Can’t wait to raid MAC for their brushes soon.


The Ballet flats on the left was only bought back in July, and because I’ve used them on almost a daily basis, it’s really worn out! So I got the pair on the right as its replacement (or, well – alternative. Those Ballet Flats are the comfiest, like wearing a pair of Toms!)
I’m thinking of splurging on Chanel’s Primer by next month, as well as investing on really good loose powder. 
My Lipstick Addiction is back, too.
Thanks, Maya for filling in for what my Wallet cannot produce at the moment! Love you.