When did the word “HATER” become such a big deal? I don’t know. But I wish it didn’t.  I’m not presenting a million-dollar idea, or How-To successfully avoid Haters, but I have a lot of feelings, you know?

And no, I’m not actually talking about people who hate on me, but basically HATERS IN GENERAL. I couldn’t stand ALL THIS NEGATIVITY. I’m a Hater myself but I only hate on people who actually HAVE hated on me, and on people who do cruel things to Animals. I’m just sick of all the petty hate people are spreading online. Does that negate the purpose of this entry? I hope not.
On the recent VMAs, you could see people tweet a lot of “serious hate” on a lot of the Artists. I mean, I don’t really like Kanye as a, I won’t say “person” because I don’t know him personally, but I don’t like, hmm, how do I put this? I don’t like his “public persona” (?) – But I do like, actually LOVE him as an Artist. I’ve said it before, hate him or love him – you can’t deny that the Man is crazy talented.
I don’t know why I’m so affected. I saw a girl’s tweet calling Miley a whore for her outfit choices at the VMAs. They’re not every person’s slice of cake and I would understand that not everyone liked it. I do, though.
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But seriously, based on her clothes, you call her a WHORE? Do you even know what you’re saying. What does that say about YOU as a person? Also, some people choose to be whores. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. Some people are whores by profession. AND THAT DOESN’T MAKE THEM BAD. Also, by profession or not, if people choose to sleep with a number of people, that’s their call. WHO ARE YOU TO SAY IT’S WRONG? Well, unless it’s cheating. But don’t call them whores. Don’t use the word WHORE to insult people. It’s the same thing as using the word GAY to insult people. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW SHIT about people’s lives, and words are very powerful. NOT EVERYONE IS STRONG ENOUGH TO FIGHT AGAINST THE HATE AND NEGATIVITY. I mean, I’ve always said I was a prude – and thought I may never understand how some people could be all out, liberated like that, it doesn’t mean what they’re doing is wrong. Who am I to say it is. 
We abuse our freedom of speech way too much without even thinking about the message we spread. I mean, sure, not everything has to be taken seriously, but maybe try to be clear about that. BE A RESPONSIBLE HUMAN BEING. Your words could influence a lot of people. I know none of us are responsible for how people perceive our words, which is the tricky part – but these things have a bigger effect on people than we think.

Your freedom of speech is a huge responsibility.

This bullying and hate, they go hand in hand. Speaking out against people who clearly have done nothing to hurt others says a lot about the person you are. It only magnifies your flaws more than the rest of us. NO ONE IS PERFECT. If they haven’t raped or murdered (people, animals, whatever applies), there really is no reason for you to SHARE YOUR NEGATIVE OPINIONS PUBLICLY. 
Isaksak mo sa baga mo ‘yung right mo ng “Freedom of Speech” if you’re going to keep using it as a shield to speak ill of people. Celebrity or not. I’m just so sick of it because it’s all I see on the Internet these days. I mean, c’mon. You’re from this Earth. YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN OTHER COUNTRIES and it’s not a joke, why would you want to spread more of that around? 
THE INTERNET IS OUR ONLY ESCAPE. From all this. Why would you want to contribute to tainting it, with what is supposed to be a better, happier place to hang out in. 
And I’m not talking about people who RANT. But jeez, RANTING is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from HATING. I rant about things I experience first-hand, not about the person who wore the wrong outfit at the wrong place, because I mean, how does that affect my existence as a Human Being?

And this thing about Kylie Jenner, I mean – you’re not supposed to like her, but you gotta respect what she’s trying to do, sharing stories of people who’s experienced bullying, she’s trying to be a voice for someone. People hated on her for wearing cornrows because she wasn’t putting her popularity to good use, and now that she is, people are still talking shit. UGH.

And what’s the deal with Mo Twister talking smack about Julia Baretto? Is this how people try to become relevant these days? I’m rolling my eyes, people. I’m rolling my eyes.

TANGINA just let people be. It’s not like they’re asking you to like them. What would you get out of it anyway? If you feel the need to put it out there, talk to a friend about it. Talk to someone you PERSONALLY KNOW about it. NOT THE INTERNET. That’s what your real life friends are for. Don’t corrupt everyone else’s thoughts.
But then that’s wishing and hoping for the impossible.