Before I start, I haven’t really shared my Halloween Costume back in 2013. Proud to say I made the whole thing myself. I’m definitely recycling this one day. Or maybe I’ll whip it out at home, because there are days when we just want to dress up for no reason. You know, Greta Garbo style. Or basically every woman in all the films back in the 1940’s (fact check this please, I’m too laaaaze to Google).

I decided to make halungkat and wore the costume and yay I didn’t want to get out of it anymore. For a split second I considered to go to the party like this. BUT WHAT THE HECK, ABBIE. *Cue Cathy Dennis-Fickle.mp3*

Photo 10-31-15, 3 49 00 PM

Where ARE my KIL-EYEZZZZ. No make-up lewk. Also my flat, no made-up lewk. LELZ I SO FUNNY. My boxes are like, “Hello … It’s Me”

So there are only two Disney Princesses I love : Pocahontas and Jasmine. My 2013 costume is the closest I could come up with Pocahontas (I mixed it up a bit … ? Okay I went all the way). And I’ve always wanted to be Jasmine. You should have seen me at 6 years old. My Gramms made me a Jasmine-inspired outfit and I remember wearing it everywhere. Even going with Momma to the wet market, I think? Basta, you couldn’t get me out of it.

I was pretty skeptic going as her because I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to expose that much skin around kids but then again most kids are exposed to MTV /  YouTube / The Internet, DUH – so it shouldn’t be a biggie, and they should know who Jasmine is. Later that night, I was proven right : I walked by a bunch of teens and they were like “Who is this Whore?” And I lolled internally because BABY BITCH, YOU DON’T KNOW WHATCHU SAYIN’. You wanna judge people based on what they wear? Stop wearing those tight-ass skinny jeans and boob hugging crop tops then get back to me, BIAAAAAATCH. Anyway, it took a lot of courage not to turn around and lecture Baby Bitch because I rocked my costume and didn’t want to ruin my night. Ano ba ‘yan, Parents ni Baby Bitch, hindi niyo ba ‘to pinapanood ng Aladdin??? And siyempre ‘yun talaga ‘yung pinuna ko ‘no, and not the way she was raised? LELZ.


Photo 10-30-15, 6 42 34 PM

Skinny went as a Ninja (?) and Fatani as his awesome self.


Ate Joy has not aged a day. Look at her! *heart eyes*


Me, Ate Joy and Nofati




Now with Fatoomie, who is definitely winning the “Cady Heron on Halloween” award


My ‘girls’ were too exposed in this shot so I asked Carpet to join me and Sheena LELZ GENIUS RIGHT

Photo 10-31-15, 3 07 37 PM

My Baby Girl went as this kick-ass, beautiful Wicked Bit… I mean Witch. So full of spunk, this one. I love her like that.

Photo 10-31-15, 3 09 51 PM

Fatoomie went as a Zombie. I don’t think this Woman will ever look ugly, even as a Zombie. She’s gorgeous as heck. MashaAllah.

Photo 10-31-15, 3 09 05 PM1

Carpet loves us so much : Soso, Nofati and Fatoomie <3 LELZ


The rest of my Girls. I loved everyone’s costumes this year, we all made an effort. And it was the most smooth-sailing Halloween event to date.

Photo 10-30-15, 6 57 14 PM

My A7bl M9re Boy, 5awal, and Kalb who is so busy with his phone.





I don’t know what he’s so shocked about. DID YOU SEE IT WALEED, DID IT MAKE AN UPSIDE DOWN KICK?????





This was taken inside the Haunted House (THE BEST ONE WE’VE HAD SO FAR, FOR REAL), and it is pitch black. And I don’t remember what I was laughing about. Probably Fatoomie trying to scare our friends by crawling on the floor.

Photo 11-1-15, 12 31 17 AM

Group Pic! Check out how tall Nofa’s brother is, mashaAllah. 


Ate Edna <3



My Beautiful BWitch

Photo 10-31-15, 11 38 28 AM

With our Chris who we love so much <3

Photo 10-31-15, 12 11 36 PM

I spy with my little eye …

Photo 10-31-15, 8 57 42 AM

Before heading home at 4AM. I ended up tearing the left sleeve of my Costume because I monkeying around/on Waleed on our way to the car, post-party. I only found out that I lost the sleeve after running away from Muha. He was chasing me because I was drawing penises on his dusty NEW car. I should’ve taken photos of that.

Short kwento on making the Costume : We don’t have photos to prove it but it took Drew and I 5 days (actually, 5 and a half!) to finish the whole thing. It was tricky because we had to make the top fit, for me it was the most challenging. But Drew did most of the job, template wise. I just did most of the sewing (which I really enjoyed. It was stress-relieving). Needless to say, I couldn’t have done this without his help. All-out support siya, guys. Kinilig kaming parehas when I wore the whole thing because UGH RUSH JOB but we felt like we still did a pretty good job despite its flaws. More chances to practice our sewing skillz and we might go on business. LEL.

This is definitely one of the best Halloweens I’ve ever celebrated in my life. Everything was as smooth as a baby’s bum. Except for the fact that I had to adjust my extensions every hour, ka-strezz, but overall, amaze. I demand a repeat! HRHRHRHR.

Thanks Nofa, Ate Daisy, Ate Edna, Ate Joy, Sheenie, Chris, Rawan, Fatoomie, and the entire Management (especially the Boss), as well as these stupid guys for allowing us to have this amazing, amazing night – Saudi style.