Thought it would be nice to spend the Holidays with my Family in the U.K. again and I’m glad that I did. Felt really sad for awhile and it’s taking me a bit of time to adjust with not being surrounded by them, and not to mention, all the delicious food that Mama V and Uncle Ian whips up, and whatever Robin, Gee and I stuff our mouths with — AS I TYPE THIS ENTRY, I AM INTENSELY CRAVING FOR CHEESE FONDUE. AND THE BRATWURST.

Mama V placed not only my favorite chocolates in this stocking — but Make Up. I MEAAAN.

2/3 of these games are courtesy of Grandad’s faves (Rummikub and Sequence), whereas Pandemic was Will’s doing — been playing it since last year but I think I’ve only really gotten the hang of it now. Gee and Robin have gone on a totally ‘nother level with Pandemic Legacy, which I haven’t played.

We dropped off Grandad at Bath and had a really lovely meal at Aunt Chloe’s. I can’t wait to actually spend a day at Bath, it’s such a gorgeous Town! I need a day or two to explore, I think. LUSH ERRTHANG.

Mama V and Uncle Ian treated everyone to one of Circus 1903’s shows at Southbank. Immensely enjoyed it, as well as the Christmas Market we checked out after, followed by dinner at Skylon! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. Ais also treated us to pre-Dinner drinks, and while everyone had mulled wine, I had Hot White Chocolate. IT WAS RICH. SO GOOD.

The Pinny Nee and Pinny Gee adbenchoors continue!

We walked to Piccadilly / Mayfair to see the lights, and had dessert at Richoux, thanks to Ais!

Can’t wait to see Phantom on tour in Dubai this year!!!!

Had an all-girls day at Oxford, which was Mama V’s idea. The lovely weather made it so perfect to walk around.

We toured Oxford University and kept my chill as we headed to the “steps” where they shot the “welcoming party” scene starring Professor McGonagall (Sorcerer’s Stone).


Oxford Uni’s “Great Hall”, where clearly, HP’s Great Hall is inspired by / from.

It was such a fun day, some of the best days of my 2018!

We made a stop at Bicester Village after. Ah, Bicester Village — so much magic happens here, pocket-wise.

Exhibit A. I went out of this store with three new pairs of Jeans. In my defense, we don’t have Acne Studios in Dubai.

Gee and Robin tagged me along to welcome the New Year over at their friends’ house (over at Swadlincote) and it was some of the best NYE celebrations ever! Gee & Robin’s friends are always lovely. They make an introvert like me feel at home! We had good drinks and listened to Hamilton and played Beer Pong, it was amazing. Gee also introduced me to her favorite cheese and I think I am following her lead (hello, Applewood).

Thanks, you guys!!!

We made a stop at Stratford-Upon-Avon on our way back to Wycombe on the very first day of January. Thought it was a good sign that we were all at Shakespeare City (this is where he was allegedly born — in this very house, in fact). It was so gloomy and cold so we decide to make it a pit-stop — had coffee and snacks, walked around a little, and got back on the road.

This majestic doge gave my existence validation. I said, “Hi Doggie” as I walked past and majestic doge actually turned to look at me as if saying “Well hello back at ya, Sassenach”.

We went to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit in London the next day. Felt really good immersing ourselves in the MCU for an hour — the exhibit itself needed some minor updates (I mean, there are SIX STONES, Brenda), but it wasn’t any less awesome. MJOLNIR, AMIRITE?

Made our way to Central London afterwards. Had lunch at Leicester Square and did cardio afterwards, burning off the Pastaaaaaa! Walked around Soho, to Carnaby, to Covent Garden.

My Cousin Will gave me a CEX voucher worth a hundred pounds. I KNOW. We went to the CEX shop in London and I got me and Drew these games:

It’s always lovely being in Soho.

I told Gee and Robin that I’ve never tried Escape Rooms. Lo and behold, during lunch, Gee booked us at one of Komnata’s for Doctor Frankenstein. It was awesome, and we got out in less than an hour!

20th Century Fox Office wuttwutt

Check out the lyrics to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in led lights at Carnaby!!!! Gee and I would go back a day later to check out the Queen Pop-Up Store / Exhibit.

The next day, Gee and I chill at their apartment after we’ve gotten lunch in Town, bought ourselves masks from Lush, and took a scenic walk back home. It was beautiful. I made lots of friends :

Gee obliged to fulfill my wishes to hunt for Freddie Mercury’s home in Kensington. Before she took this shot of me, I said, “Okay brace yourself … I’m going to do something silly”. SHE FORKING NAILED THIS PICTURE, C’MON. Oh and the way, this is my Freddie Mercury x Alexander Hamilton pose.

She took me to Notting Hill, too — something I’ve been wanting to do since last year. I love GeeGee.

Possibly the prettiest The Favourite poster I’ve seen yet (OG poster still my numero uno).

High School Abbie is giving me the biggest hug for this.

Back at Carnaby!

Possibly my most favorite Queen video ever. Roger is prettier than me.


You’ve probably seen my past blog entries with Lily’s photos. This baby girl is 19 years old and is one of the Lights and Queens of the Household, and to say that everyone is fond of her is an understatement. A few days before Will and I flew out of the U.K., Lily started to lose her appetite and balance. Mama V decided to check her in at the Vet. On the day of our flight, Uncle Ian and Mama V drove us to see her, and … say goodbye, in case things got worse. I was a wreck. Will was petting her and kissing her and talking to her non-stop. She was awake, but spaced out, because of her meds. I whispered to her that I loved her, and silently told her how thankful I was for the time she spent with me during my short holidays over the span of a year. She passed two days after. Can’t imagine how my family is feeling, even when it’s something I’d gone through before.

I love you forever, Lily. We all do, and always will.

Can’t imagine being at Mama V’s and Uncle Ian’s and not seeing her. It was one of those unnecessary (and somewhat necessary) wake-up calls in life. Just savor each minute with people you love, because regardless of the number of years you spend with them, it will never be enough.

Glad to have been able to with Lily, and the rest of my family. I miss them.

Hope your holidays was as fun regardless of where you were and who you were with.