Second trip with my loves Carlo and Vince! This was also definitely unplanned since we “decided” we weren’t going anywhere during the Eid Break, but lo and behold, less than a week before the break, there we were, making plans. Those make the best trips, don’t it?

Like Singapore (blog post up soon), I also didn’t know what to expect out of Hong Kong. The weather was a bit of a culprit during this trip, made commuting harder when it is our number one option given budget constraints — but, it was worth it. I LOVED WALKING around.

Here’s how we spent two days in HK :

Day 1 :

Popcorn Mall


Nathan Road

Disney was amazing, as expected. Highlight of my visit was definitely getting the chance to take a photo with Chewie and R2! Also, HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN! Our walk around Nathan Road was awesome, despite the rain coming and going like a child who’s freshly discovered it’s amusement with the bulb dancing between on and off, enjoying the power from it’s fingertips. The sights were pretty, people hustling and bustling.

Victoria Harbour

Day 2 :

Victoria Peak

Walled City

I think our trip to Walled City made me realise how HUGE Hong Kong is, and that a week wouldn’t even be enough if you wanted to totally immerse in local culture. Like always, I look forward to the non-tourist attractions, but of course, seeing that it was my first time (and that we only had two days), a little ‘overhyped’ spot here and there wouldn’t hurt.

Tim Ho Wan

To  be honest, the Pork BBQ Buns were the true winners of Tim Ho Wan. I ate the Dumplings when they were too hot, it burned my tongue, and I found it so hard to taste anything after that. Boo.

After lunch and hoarding them Floss Buns from Bread Talk, we headed back to the Hotel for our edition of Amazing Race, hrhrhr. We boarded the double decker Bus at the station behind the hotel, to head to the airport. 15 minutes in, and I was fast asleep.

Definitely looking forward to going back (Singapore too), when the weather is better and it doesn’t feel like we’re being punished for choosing to cover whatever we could with our feet.

Bonus Photos, from one of my favorite camera apps, GUDAK :