Look at me joining in on all these fun Tags and Link-Ups. So much fun! This one’s called “How To Really Know Someone“, which I discovered while lurking around Corinth’s blog (who is awesome, and who I discovered through Raisa’s “My Favourite Things” link-up. Joining these things has so many pros).

There are about 111 questions so I’m going to pull off a Corinth and answer 5 at a time, once or twice a month. It will allow me to reflect on the other questions, and give as much depth to my answers (naks).

If you were to change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?
One? No, how about a couple? LELZ. My monolids, and I wish I had longer lashes and thicker brows! If I did, naturally — I wouldn’t even want to go out with so much gunk on my face.

Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why?
I’ve spent a great deal of my adult life (and more, that’s the plan supposedly … lelz) with Andrew. I know he’s capable and I know he will protect me. He always has.

What is your favorite kind of Flower and why?
When I was younger, I loved Tulips but only because they’re my Sister’s favourite flower and I look up to her so much (I still do). And there was a time I was into Carnations because it was my Mother’s favourite flower. Then there was a time when Lillies were my favourite because Andrew loved them. Ha. But thinking about it now — I don’t really know if I found a favourite flower yet. Probably Cherry Blossoms? When I see them, that is. It’ll probably dawn on me. I have the emoji to blame for this.

What do you think about the Death Penalty?
How timely. At the time I’m typing this (the 3rd of May), I don’t know who will end up winning the Elections. My Presidential bet is for Death Penalty and I am supportive of that (but not fully, will explain at the end) because it is what the Country obviously needs. I would like to live in a place where criminals have second thoughts to commit crimes. My cousin and brother-in-law were both held up in broad daylight, threatened with a knife. And in the news, Rape (in cabs!) during the day has been happening even on the busiest districts in the city, like Makati. So many robberies, ending in death. Kidnapping in private subdivisions and villages — what makes us think about these criminals’ rights when they aren’t even thinking about the innocents’ lives? People are not rightfully punished for their crimes. It makes a lot of people believe they can get away with anything. The only problem I have is that the justice system back home is corrupt and dare I even say it, dysfunctional. If that is properly restored then I am a hundred percent supporting it.

What is your ideal day?
A day at the beach with no WiFi, a good book, my iPod, and my favourite tanning cream.

If you feel like doing this, head on to this Tumblr page by Innercartwheel to get the rest of the Questions!  Please do comment with the link to your entry so I can see it. Would be nice to read your answers , and to use the Internet the way we should, you know – connecting with each other. Cheesy but true!