Look at me joining in on all these fun Tags and Link-Ups. So much fun! This one’s called “How To Really Know Someone“, which I discovered while lurking around Corinth’s blog (who is awesome, and who I discovered through Raisa’s “My Favourite Things” link-up. Joining these things has so many pros).

There are about 111 questions so I’m going to pull off a Corinth and answer 5 at a time, once or twice a month. It will allow me to reflect on the other questions, and give as much depth to my answers (naks).

Who are the people who have influenced you?
My Mother, most of all. She is no longer with us and I am not half the Woman she was and still is (even in Death). But I’d like to think that she is a huge influence in my life. I am constantly disappointing her but I try to be the person she raised me to be at least half the time (because I am only human? I know, sorry). I’d also say Drew — he’s taught me a lot of things. His acceptance of the ugly parts of myself has made me see the person I am and do not want to be. And probably another person I can’t mention. LEL.

Which of the four Cardinal Virtues do you embody the most?
OMGOSH THIS IS SO HARD BECAUSE I WISH I EMBODIED THEM ALL. I’d like to think it’s a tie between Prudence and Justice? I’m not SUPER WISE, but as an empath, Prudence comes with the territory. And if you’re following me on Twitter, you could probably tell how much I’ve been tweeting about wishing people would cut people some slack, wishing everyone were more fair to each other, and that we all just stop hating on Taylor Swift …

What are some things you like about your Sibling?
I love everything about my Siblings. I’m the youngest of three, and the fact that they have always treated me like their baby girl no matter how old I am is what I like best (I love being babied). They are both very patient with me. I love and miss them so much.

Would you save an extremely talented musician who has the influence to promote good values for the world or a pregnant woman in a situation where it is certain you must choose one over the other?
WHYYYYYY, WHYYYYY must it be one over the other? Can I assign someone to save the other person? Maybe my answer would differ on another day but for now it’s the Pregnant Woman.

If you could choose the sex and physical appearance of your soon-to-be-born child, would you do it?
Tempting, but no. I have always wanted my first-born to be a Girl, though, I mean — back when I wanted to have my own. Hee.

If you feel like doing this, head on to this Tumblr page by Innercartwheel to get the rest of the Questions!  Please do comment with the link to your entry so I can see it. Would be nice to read your answers , and to use the Internet the way we should, you know – connecting with each other. Cheesy but true!