Look at me joining in on all these fun Tags and Link-Ups. So much fun! This one’s called “How To Really Know Someone“, which I discovered while lurking around Corinth’s blog (she’s awesome, I’ve been reading her entries since I cyber-stumbled upon her blog, which was two days ago – through Raisa’s “My Favourite Things” link-up. Joining these things has so many pros).

There are about 111 questions so I’m going to pull off a Corinth and answer 5 at a time, once or twice a month. It will allow me to reflect on the other questions, and give as much depth to my answers (naks).

What activities do you enjoy?
Lately I’ve been Scrapbooking again, as well as Doodling on my Journal. Reading, too! Also, honestly, I find washing my face at night to be one of my simple joys. Removing my make-up, seeing my face clean, treating it with ointments when I have break-outs, it’s one of the things I look forward to every day! It’s just as much fun as putting make-up on. Most days I put on make-up because I ENJOY the process. Do you feel that way too?

Would you place education as a top priority?
In what sense? But I guess, yes. And it’s not just Education that you get in school.  There are other ways for a person to get educated, which is just as important as learning stuff in school.

If you had a Death Note, would you use it?
I would like to, especially for cruel people who mistreat other people and animals.
But I won’t do that. I would probably burn the notebook.

How do you feel about your gender? Does the normal male/female suit you? How much do you act like your supposed sex/gender?
I’m cool with it. I’m cool with everything. As long as I know myself and be myself, that’s all that matters. Regardless of all that.

What things have made you cry in the past?
So many things. You know what’s worse though? Is when you still feel all that, but don’t cry.

If you feel like doing this, head on to this Tumblr page by Innercartwheel to get the rest of the Questions!  Please do comment with the link to your entry so I can see it. Would be nice to read your answers , and to use the Internet the way we should, you know – connecting with each other. Cheesy but true!