To say that “this speaks to me” is an understatement. I thank the heavens for Tumblr, giving me the chance to know Shinji, for I would probably never have found out about WET (among the other awesome things he brings to our lives).

I don’t believe you when you
Say you love me most
And when you tell me I’m the only one
And I can’t feel you when you’re
Touchin’ me and tellin’ me
That this time you want all of me
And you won’t hear me when I’m
Tellin’ you it’s all or nothin’
All or nothin’, baby please
Let go of me, let go of me

When you say you love me, baby
Let me see your face
And when you say you’ll never leave me
Know it’s all in vain
And these memories, they haunt me
Wherever I go