Never really liked the cold, so I’ve never really dreamt of a White Christmas … ever. Although it would be nice to experience it at least once in my life. I’ll be channeling my inner Ashley Olsen. Nope, that’s not me, that’s my Coat. Nope, still not me, that’s my Jumper. Nope, still not me, that’s my Cardigan. Nope, still not me, that’s my Sweater. Nope, that’s … you get the picture.

Apparently, wishing for World Peace is not just a sentence that would make your ears bleed at Beauty Pageant Q&As (or have I seen Miss Congeniality one too many times?), it is also not possible in our lifetime (WHERE ARE THE ALIENS, JUST TAKE OVER ALREADY THE WORLD IS HOPELESS), and wishing to achieve the perfect Dark Ash Blonde within a certain budget only needs a lot of guts. You don’t wish for guts, you just – you just suck it up and do it, alright?

Anyway, here’s my superficial Wishlist (a.k.a. Mag-ipon ka please, Abbie) :

1.) The Hermès Kelly. Contrary to this entry’s title, I am actually eyeing the Kelly in Black, of course (or Bordeaux, such a lovely color, and also timeless for me). I’ve outgrown my “I want a Birkin!” phase because Shoulder bags are my thing (I like to stay hands-free mostly). I know people find the Kelly boring but this is my “brand” now.


Look how pretty!!!! / Photo from PurseBop

2.) Lumix GM5. Ral has always been my go-to person when it comes to asking about Cameras (because duh, have you seen her photos). She recently got the Lumix DMC-GM5 which is awesome because of its size. I own a Nikon J1 and as much as I love it, I barely use it because I still find it to be too big. I carry my large Celine Trio (my preferred bag size) on a regular basis, and I don’t see how I could fit in the J1 in my bag without ruining it (it’s also quite heavy). I really, really want to take pretty photos for my Blog and sometimes even just my Instagram feed, my phone’s camera is awesome too but, digicams  = .


I want to get one in Red because it’s so pretty but all my gadgets are in Grey / Silver / Black and it would ruin my aesthetic. UGH.

3.) Cartier Love Bracelet. I’m not into jewellery, not into diamonds or Tiffany’s. In fact, the only jewellery that I use (and doesn’t come off my body) is a gold plated bracelet I got from Zara (which has mostly already faded to Bronze). The rest of my stuff are Fancy Gold, the real ones are hand-me-downs and gifts from my Mom and Gramms. It would be nice to invest in something that would last me years (and years and years and years). I don’t really like stacked up bracelets, so I’m good with just one (like I plan on spending on two of these, nope).


4.) iPhone 6s Plus. In Space Grey / Black! I’m torn between getting this or waiting for the 7s. But then when the 7s is released I’d probably want the 8s, so on and so forth. Ugh. But I want a bigger phone now. I’m very happy with my iPhone 6 though, which has my internet sim (my 5s has my phone sim), hrhrhr. But yeah – bigger screen (and better camera resolution, teehee).


5.) Chanel Ballet Flats. Like I said, this is my “brand” now. Opting for the Classic over the Quilted because I’m plain jane.


6.) Chanel 2.55 (Caviar). If you look at old Wishlists from way back 2004 (if I’m not mistaken), don’t be surprised to see this. Like I even need to explain why.


7.) HAAL INC. ABAYA. Particularly this one, which I fell in love with from the moment I saw it. Such a pretty Abaya, I can’t. The pearls accentuate it perfectly! I’ve always dreamed of investing in an Abaya like this. I could even wear it back home, with a pair of ripped jeans and Louboutins and a plain shirt. Imagine how glorious this would look. UGH, too perfect.


8.) Jeep Wrangler. I’ve been into 4 Wheel Drives for as long as I could remember. When I was in 6th grade, I wanted to own a Rav 4. Of course, at one point I wanted a Hummer, then an FJ, but my heart will always belong to the Jeep. I don’t mind if I get one exactly like this, or simply have it assembled. I just want a Jeep. And if God permits me to drive, then I might … just.


That’s all I have so far. I’ll probably update this should anything strike my fancy. And if you know me, it shouldn’t take long before that happens.