I honestly didn’t want to get into this whole thing. “This whole thing”, meaning the Kylie Lip Kit craze. Thinking about it now, it was definitely just my defense mechanism, considering that it wasn’t easy to get my hands on a single Lip Kit given how they’re usually sold out in a minute. But then there it was, before my very eyes : All the Kylie Lip Kit shades I ever wanted, no longer secretly — but screamingly. LEL.

Before I ended up with a legit Lip Kit, I had to be victimised by 1 FAKE Lip Kit. Good thing I only got one from one of the stalls at this Bazaar we went to recently (was not even able to get the store’s name). I’m definitely writing a HOW TO SPOT A FAKE LIP KIT on a separate post, featuring my second most favourite shade so far, KOKO K.

In this post I will be swatching the Matte Lip Kits in Candy K and Exposed, also the Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Heir.

Obviously, I had to title this post with “.01” because I do intend to get my hands on the other Lip Kits. I would love to try the Darker shades but for practicality reasons, I’d opt not to (maybe just Mary Jo K). Also, very rarely do they look good on me, and my skin tone is tricky already as it is.

I got my LEGIT Kylie Lip Kits from Passion For Fashion, an IG-based online store, a.k.a. the stars in my night sky, apart from my all-time favourite, Bello 24 to whom I’ve ordered (the legit) Koko K from.

Anyway, without further ado …

Trying to save money so I could get my next batch of Lip Kits — Posie K, Mary Jo K, lipgloss in Literally and the Metallic Lipstick in King K.

I will be updating this post with comparison swatches on my arm once I get all the Lip Kits I want.

(Discretion : Unlike the other Lipstick Reviews I posted, I did not use Photoshop’s Auto Color tool on these. Instead, I’m posting raw / unedited photos. All I altered is the photo size. And since they were shot during sunrise, expect the photos to be quite harsh. I know my skin is imperfect, so there’s no need to bully me about it.)


Candy K is quite dark on me, and if you know me, you know I wouldn’t really use it often, but I do like its texture on my lips. For some reason, this formula isn’t too drying — more on that later. I tried using it with smokey eyes but discovered that it looks better when my eye make-up is neutral / light. It really stands out, and the color is just beautiful! Whenever I have Candy K on, it feels like I don’t have anything on.


Exposed is probably my most favourite shade, but it’s turning out to be a problematic one because it is the most drying of all the lip kits I own, so far. I discovered that this is because I would usually dab leftover concealer or bb creme / foundation from my beauty blender all over my lips before applying them. Apart from the usual exfoliation + moisturising I’d usually do before applying any liquid lippy, I decided to try ditching my favourite pre-matte / liquid application step and just went ahead with applying the lip pencil and liquid lipstick, and guess what – it wasn’t drying at all. I did not skip them the time I took these photos though, so they seem to appear really dry on my lips.


Heir is the Metallic Liquid Lip color I first fell in love with based on the swatches I’ve seen online. So glad I finally got my hands on them! But I also think that King K is starting to grow on me. How gorgeous is Heir though, you guys? For this set of photos, I applied my Exposed Lip Pencil before putting it on.

Also, see the small recovering burn wound on my shoulder? That’s from using my new favourite toy (the José Eber curling wand), which I will also be reviewing in the coming weeks. I will say though — that burn wound? Totally worth it, LELZ.

I had contacts on in these photos but threw them out before even getting the brand and color, they were gifted to me awhile back and used them for the first time for these photos and accidentally tore one of them.

So there you have it!

If you’re getting your first Lip Kit, try to remember these whenever you’d use them :

1.)  Exfoliate and Moisturise before application
2.) Try to refrain from applying a second coat, as it will appear to be super dry (and it feels mucky and heavy on the lips)
3.) Carry facial wipes with you if you’d like to reapply during the day (because applying another coat hours after your first application is also NOT recommended)