It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? It wasn’t on purpose, trust me. The whole blog revamping thing came over me, not impulsively — in fact, the thought’s been standing outside my brain door for almost a year now, but I keep putting it off due to budget constraints, which I’m still strictly under, by the way, just YOLOing through it, and then getting anxiety attacks because of how careless I’ve been in the spending department. Ugh.

ANYWAY. Oh god, I needed this. I needed to let my thoughts flow out of my brain, I’ve been itching to blog, thank God it’s back, I just need to work on the template (all my pages are gone so I have to type out new ABOUT ME + HERSTORY pages, huzzah. This is going to be like therapy).

I wonder how you all have been. So sad to have lost your comments on my blog posts. I basically memorized the ones you left me on my most recent post, because they all hit home and they’re basically the validation I needed from people like me. It’s what this blog’s mostly been for anyway — mostly for myself, mostly for people like me, because I want us to know that we’re not alone at all.

Drew finally graduated from Culinary Arts! More than a year spent apart and it had its lowest points, but I remember the highs, most of all. Look at him thrive. It was all worth it.

I’m working on two new travel blog posts, too — Singapore (which is more than a month late), and Hong Kong (a short trip I just got back from the other day).

If anything, at this point I’m just hoping for continuous growth from these rough patches. I’m so stressed, my headaches are pretty constant. I’ll try to help myself by blogging more than I did.

Let’s hang in there. We’ll get past this.