A little backstory on how this came about : My friend Loji tagged me on one of Fahad’s photos on Instagram looking for Models. And the rest is beautiful history. Heh. I tried so hard to keep my cool while shooting with Fahad, who is nothing short of awesome (and also very, very down-to-earth and has the best taste in Music). Unforgettable moment was definitely when my tummy decided to protest in the middle of our shoot and we managed to laugh it off (well, I laughed it off nervously).

Also, how I was trying to convince him to listen to Bon Iver but we both agreed that Bon Iver made us sad (but look at me, listening to Bon Iver as I type this entry).

You’ve probably read this before (I’ve posted about it a couple of times), but it’s worth reiterating : Acid Banana is kick-ass.

It’s awesome to see an online store with so much spunk carry pieces that even the prim and proper wouldn’t mind stuffing a few of their stuff in her closet. I bet you wouldn’t mind seeing what I mean?

Here are a few photos Fahad and I took (for Acid Banana):


Bae Crop Top, SAR 135 (One Size) / Distressed Denim Shorts, SAR 245 (Sizes 26 – 28)


Multi-Colored Oversized Tee, SAR 385 (One Size)


Fringed Crop Top, SAR 175 (One Size) / Distressed Denim Shorts, SAR 245 (Sizes 26-28)


Distressed Shoulder Slit Top, SAR 425 (One Size)


Knotted Crop Top, SAR 115 (One Size) / Joggers, SAR 245 (Sizes S – M)


Varsity Crop Top, SAR 135 (One Size) / Paint Distressed Denim Shorts, SAR 245 (Sizes 26 – 28)


Guns n’ Roses Fringed Top, SAR 115 (One Size)

You could check out Acid Banana’s Official Website or browse through their Official Instagram and Facebook Page. I doubt you wouldn’t feel tempted to have an item or two (or more, definitely more) shipped to your doorstep.

Here are a few bonus photos, because I couldn’t resist (one of which is used as my blog’s profile photo), I love them all, and I am still not over the fact that I got to work with Fahad (if it isn’t obvious enough, I could fangirl all day. MashaAllah, you guys. The guy is blessed with talent).

AB9 AB10 AB11 AB4

(Photos : Fahad Ayyad / Official Website)

I’m happy that I get to model again. Blog readers from way back would know how proud I am of the little modelling experience I had back in the Philippines, and how partially bummed I feel for not doing more of it, because it really is something I love. Grateful to Loji, and to Fahad for giving me the honour to pose for him. Praying it’s not the last time I do (promise to not make my tummy interrupt our shoot, Fahad! Haha)!