One of my utmost favorite places in Dubai hosted a trip to Abu Dhabi to get a tour of the Manarat Al Saadiyat. It was such a perfect day! Mako and I waited at Nadi Al Quoz, sipped on some Peach Iced Teas while we waited to board the bus.

I AM OBSESSED WITH ART GALLERIES, if you hadn’t known yet. I mean, I have talked about it in detail on this post, and this post — so you can imagine how psyched I was en route to Abu Dhabi.

Disclaimer — I have failed to get all of the Artists’ names and Artwork titles. Please comment on this post to help me out, if you recognize any of the stuff I’ve put up. Thanks!


I still get giddy seeing this signage


Nadi Al Quoz is everything

IMG_9978 (1) IMG_9980 IMG_9979IMG_0037

One of my Dubai Staple Friends, Mako! Hehehe!


Houston, we have landed


Welcoming Party


I probably took more than 5 minutes looking at these pieces, because they are INSANE. They’re ACTUAL layered collages, stuck on glass. Do you see the dimensions? GLORIOUS


Any Jeddahwi would know …

IMG_0012 (1)

They knew they were on the photo, but honestly, it’s a pretty good shot!

IMG_0013 (1)IMG_0014

The Road to Salvation – Sara Abdu

IMG_0017IMG_0023IMG_0031 (1)IMG_0033IMG_0071

Fresque de Craies F – Pascale Marthine Tayou


Merging Island, Divided Island – Jules De Balincourt (definitely one of my favorite Artists that day)

IMG_0026 (1)

Neither Day Or Night – Jules De Balincourt

IMG_0075IMG_0043IMG_0047 (2)IMG_0062 (1)IMG_0070

Group Photos!


We capped off the night by heading to the closest mall for Food Court Food, then Carlo’s, then a nightcap at a Dubai “night spot” (is that even a word)? I forgot the name of the place, lel.

Can’t wait until the next one!