I’ve been very fickle-minded with my hair in the past year. I’m not courageous enough to go wild with hair color (not to disregard the time I did the Ombré and side-shaved my head), but I’ve done pretty much damage especially when I impulsively permed it in 2013. and then got it straightened in the same year (which failed, and lead to more damage).
Then I had my first Balayage coloring done from Salon-which-shall-not-be-named (LOL). And then it wore off, so I dyed my own hair at home with a darker, oh, much darker shade.
And then I decided to go light again, and thanks to my crush,  Jae (Pickrell), I discovered JuRo Salon in BGC. They were awesome. And not like you need it, but here’s proof :
My eyebrows were super dark in the photo because I walked in the Salon with jet black hair. Thought I’d explain that. Ha!
They were so hands-on and they made me feel like I was getting the treatment I was paying for. They were genuine people, not just people in business. You barely get that these days. 
And then, sometime last week, I noticed how the color turned slight orangey, which was bound to happen. It wasn’t my style, and I won’t be flying home anytime soon, and apart from the fact that I am flat broke, I also do not trust salons here – I had no choice but to color it myself. 
And then, much to Jude’s (future) dismay, I decided to cut my hair myself. It’s something I’ve done in the past because, it’s therapeutic. I kind of regretted it the minute I snipped BUT it was rewarding. And you know what they say about people who make drastic changes with their hair.
I’m going to have to regularly use my Babyliss Curl Secret (a.k.a. my bestie) just so I can sport those loose waves. Thankfully I’m taong-bahay these days and don’t require much magic done. 
Everyone is sporting medium-length and darker hair these days. Thought I’d join the party. But of course, give me a few weeks and I’d be pulling my hair for it to grow longer faster.
Rose gave me a tip for my hair type : it doesn’t need a lot of salon treatments, it was my first time to not be offered a “package” to treat my hair (it was refreshing), instead, she told me I should just regularly use hair masks since it tends to dry. I mean, I live in the Middle East.
Definitely not a sponsored post – but I’m telling you, your money spent in JuRo Salon? Worth every cent. I’m definitely going back there when I’m home for vacation.