You know it was only a matter of time! Here is my very low-budget, circa 2007-ish video blog review of Call Me By Your Name. I say 2007 because that’s when I used to shoot all my cringey … never mind.

This is my version of an in-depth reaction video. The title is a lie, this is just me geeking out to the film / book. It’s a geek-fest. And you know that I don’t normally vlog, so bear with me.

This has loads of CMBYN-clips so if you haven’t seen the film please don’t watch this! MUCH SPOILZ.

Apologies for my grammatical errors and how didn’t think to make my set-up perfect, I was just dying to get these feelings out. This video is 24 minutes long for a reason!!!! If it’s any consolation, I’ve added some of the clips to support my feelings on some of the scenes.

I am so happy it’s getting the recognition it deserves! I LOVE THIS FILM AND THE BOOK IT WAS ADAPTED FROM SO MUCH, IT HURTS.