A few of my sweet readers have asked me to post my Make-Up Routine. I know I’m no pro, but in celebration of Heart Evangelista’s “This is Me, Love Marie“, thought I should jump the gun and just go with it. LELZ. No seriously, I really thought of sharing my current favorite products anyway, even if I’m not someone people should get advice from in terms of Make-Up application. I don’t watch YouTube tutorials, and when I do, I barely even apply what I learn because … I’m just terrible at it. So I go with practice, with trial and error, with seeing what works best with me, for me.

This is also the first time I’m actually posting a photo of myself on the internet without Make-Up on, and no Sunglasses to hide behind. My biggest insecurities are my eyes and eyebrows. As a teenager, I’ve always had thick brows, they were reaching my upper eyelid (LELZ), but my eyebrow hair has always been sparse. Right now, I’m trying to grow it out, so whenever I shape them with make-up, I get confused, like “Where do I draw the outline?”, but I’m working on it. I’m definitely considering going to Browhaus (after N years) the next time I’m home just so I could get them inked beautifully. Or maybe I should ask Ellen where she had hers done, because her Brows are beauty. And I did mention my eyes, because, I really wish I had Heart’s eyes. I don’t like being Monolid girl. Not that it’s ugly, but it’s a personal preference. Anyway. Definitely a big day for my self-esteem to be posting these photos because ~*very low self-esteem*~ which isn’t very obvious because I could be really vain sometimes, but yes.

So forgive me for uploading these, but I’m feeling pretty good about myself today despite looking like this. Lelz. I did not filter any of them, but adjusted the Brightness, Contrast, and Clarity through VSCO.

f3 f2 f1 f4

First, let me stress the importance of Skincare (because DUH, Abbie – lately lang nag-sink in saiyo ‘yan, feeling mo naman people don’t know? Susme). Early this year, Maya convinced me that I should really invest on Skincare products more than I do on Make-Up. And if you know Maya, you know she’s always right (say MashaAllah). Recently, I’ve been taking care of my Skin more by making sure I sleep with a clean face and that I protect it from UV rays, and even *drumroll* Make-Up. I’ll probably post another in-depth kuno entry on the Skincare products I use next time (I actually have but I plan to do another one, this time with the Foreo Mini, hrhr).

So it’s a beautiful Friday morning and I woke up, and decided THIS IS THE DAY I BARE MY FACE TO THE WORLD (hitting two birds with one stone, too! But only hypothetically because guys, it’s not right IRL, also it requires a lot of skills, and animal cruelty, which people go to jail for). There are days when I look better upon waking up but I was like “NAH, I’M DOING THIS TODAY, BRUH“. So I cleansed my face with Olive Oil, then scrubbed with mild exfoliant – Neutrogena’s facial Scrub. After carefully drying my face, I dabbed a little of Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion (which is a toner) on a cotton ball, cleansing my face and neck, then I spritz a very small amount of Wild Argan Oil from The Body Shop (thank you Ral, for sharing the magic potion that is Argan Oil, because I’m obsessed with it now that I even use it as a Primer).

Like a lot of girls, I am O B S E S S E D with Make-Up. Particularly Lipstick. And Mascara. And Eyeshadow Palettes. I own a lot of the same shades of Lipstick. I know this, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying more? … Sorry?

Living in the Middle East, it’s pretty sad to spend an hour on your face and watch it all melt away. That also has not stopped me from going out with a full face, but lately I’ve been veering towards the basic, no Make-Up lewk. And I am … O B S E S S E D. So thought I should share it with you because this has been making me so happy in the past two weeks since I started. My face feels lighter, and when I sweat it doesn’t irritate me as much as it used to, and I feel like my skin is thanking me for it. But hey, Skin – don’t get me wrong. I’m still slapping on tons of products on you soon, just you wait. Lelz.

I don’t have step-by-step photos to go as I explain the whole process (but the usual “Before” and “Voilaaaa” photos, heh), but I will probably do that the next time I publish a feelingerang Beauty Blogger entry, so bear with me.

After massaging the Argan Oil evenly, I apply very minimal BB cream on my face and neck, a little bit of matte highlighter (mine’s from Inglot) under my eyes, cheeks, T-zone area, and Chin, then I outline my brows. I’ve recently discovered what my tools of the trade are for my Brows after years of constant experimenting with almost every Brow Product on the Market : Mac’s (Retractable) Eyebrow Pen, Mac’s Brow (Powder) Kit, Dior’s Eyebrow Pencil, and Bobbi Brown’s Brow Mascara. And I do use them in that order.

Then I lightly apply cream/nude-colored eyeshadow on my upper and lower crease (my current go-to is from UD’s Smoky Palette – I use either Combust or Thirteen), then I curl my lashes. Don’t laugh, but I use a total of 4 mascaras for this lewk (actually, on the regular). I’ve tried a lot of Lash Primers, and the only one that’s worked for me is Majolica Majorca’s Lash Bone, but I’ve already ran out so I use actual Mascara as Primer : Make Up Forever’s Aqua Smoky Extravagant because it IS AMAZE. Once dry, I apply Younique’s 3D Mascara (again, thanks to Ral for sharing this gem of a beauty product because it is the answer to all my Lash Prayers), I usually just go with one coat of that, and then top it off with Dior’s Diorshow Overcurl.

I don’t usually contour heavily (anymore) during day time, and this is a basic make-up lewk but if you still want to go for it (I did for this post), I lightly spread The Balm’s Bahama Mama on areas I usually contour : Temple, Cheekbone, Jawline. And then I dust off Chanel’s Bronzing Powder (Matte) mostly on the outer parts of my face (that’s what you call it right? Outer Parts? Ugh, you know what I mean), before I finish it off with light blush – I’ve been using Benefit’s Dallas a lot these days.

I use OCC’s Lip Tar in Stalker (thanks for gifting this to me, Maya!) as a base for my lips. I blot the excess on tissue paper, apply lip balm before proceeding to my current Holy Trinity of Lippies (because, if you know me, you know I barely never use one shade of Lippie) : MAC’s Kinda Sexy, Sleek’s Bare All, and then, a dab of MAC’s Taupe, which is optional, because there are days when I just want Peachy, Nude Lips.

And there you have it. Here are tons of photos of my face. Finally an excuse to show you how vain I am (like I ever needed that, makapal ang mukha ko), in my signature “Halika, let’s hide behind something” pose.

f13 f12 f11 f10 f9 f7

And for reference, a photo of the products I used. Kind of overwhelming when you think of it, especially when you’re going for a very Basic lewk! But I’ll probably experiment  with lesser products someday soon. Because there are days when I use a total of 4-5 products tops.


I had lots of fun typing this most. I just might do more of these, hopefully with better visuals next time!

And remember, whether you decide to slap on tons of Make-Up products on your face, or decide to go Bare – Girls, just do you. You’ll own it anyway.