Ever since my bank account went on a diet, I’ve stuck with the most basic of all basic products to take care of my skin. And I’m glad I did, because not only am I saving loads of munny, but natural / organic errthang (well, almost)┬áhas done me good.

Don’t get me wrong, L’Occitane — I’m raiding you soon.

Apart from my Daily Facial Scrub (I still use Clean and Clear’s Daily Exfoliating Scrub), the rest of the products that I lather on my body are all organic (and hella cheap). One of the few things in life that’s too good to be true, only this time that phrase is definitely said in a positive note (no BUTS here).

You’d think with ageing, we’d have to be more sensitive with picking our skincare products (La Mer, I’m raiding you, erm, not soon, but in this lifetime). But that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can probably splurge on one particular product later on, but you don’t always have to start splurging early. Organic products do the trick, and they get you there (to that point in time) lookin’ and feelin’ all pristine and shiz.

I’ve included photos of the actual ones I use.

1.) COCONUT OIL. I’ve been using Coconut Oil for YEARS. I started in 2006 when I got reaaaaally bad eczema from the waist up. It was terrible. Apart from using Aveeno and Johnson&Johnson products at the time, Coconut Oil helped relieve my skin of the dry and itchy patches. Back then, I would leave it on for a few hours, and when I’d spend weekends at home, for as long as I could before rinsing it off. Now though, I would lather it on about twice a week, leave it on for half an hour or so, before scrubbing myself with Sea Salt Scrub. I also use this as my make-up remover, and rinse it off with my facial scrub. Plus, plus — I rub this all over my hair before I bleach. Ah, the many wonderful uses of Coconut Oil.


2.) ARGAN OIL. I discovered the magic of Argan Oil through my friend Raleene (who is also an ‘Oily Girl’ as she puts it). I’ve ran out of my favourite Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate Oil (Jeddah does not have Kiehl’s yet huhuhu), and I have since then replaced it with Argan Oil (I would love to try Josie Maran’s but they’re also not available here, so I’ve settled with) the one from The Body Shop. It’s also done wonders to my skin because I wake up in the morning and my face looks very moisturised and fresh.


3.) BABY OIL. I remember when my Mom would raise her eyebrows looking at all these receipts of Skincare products I would buy and she would proudly tell me “I would just use Baby Oil on my skin when I was your age and it was one of the best things I ever did”. Woman knew what she was saying because she had enviable skin. Aside from Baby Oil, up until her passing, she would use Petroleum Jelly to moisturise every night before she went to bed. Well, up until she could.


4.) DEAD SEA SALT SCRUB. Why does this even need to be justified.


5.) SUDOCREM. Not Organic at all, and I’m sure you’d say “basic”, which to me isn’t true at all. This creme saved me from scars and permanent marks in the making, especially when I’m my usual stubborn self, pricking zits here and there. It helps dry up everything, and even soothes burns. The best part is — it’s actually nappy creme that’s done wonders to my skin. Thank the Heavens for this product. And the internet, for suggesting that I try it.