Joined another fun link-up! This one’s by Raisa and Eirene (discovered through Helga, of course) called My Favourite Things, where we share a limitless number of thangs that struck our fancy (and got us out of our depression holes, self-destructive holes, self-loathing holes, et al), and is usually submitted / published every first Tuesday of the Month, which is awesome because Tuesday is my favourite day! Yay!

1.) WALKING TO ERRWHERE. This past month, we did a LOT of walking. Walking to Malls, walking to Restaurants, and it’s awesome, especially that Winter has come upon us. And yes, you read that right. Winter in the Desert – it’s real, people! Believe it! And while I’m on the subject, the fact that the Water Heater is busted makes showering a lot more fun.  And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I imagine immersing in a Lake that has not frozen (yet) somewhere in the Arctics.

2.) HISTORY. I couldn’t be the only one who cried watching this, could I?

3.) PILLOWTALK. I mean. So there are people who didn’t like this song at all and normally it would make me question my taste when people STRONGLY hate / disagree on something I love, but in this case I’m like MEH, WHATEVS. This song is awesome. The video is awesome. Zayn is awesome.

4.) AL BHARA. I blogged all about this trip that I still can’t move on from. I look forward to this being part of my February Faves as well. It was then that I realised how much I actually like Driving. Whether it’s a car or an ATV – being able to control where you’re going (and going to places you ACTUALLY want to go), that’s a privilege we all take for granted. In life, this is the most we can control when it comes to … going places, if you know what I mean).


5.) SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH PRIMER WATER. I store it in the Fridge every night, and it feels glorious spritzing it on my face every morning! I use this right after Clinique’s Moisturising Gel (because Winter).

6.) HARRY POTTER. Upon Alan Rickman’s passing, I watched all HP movies over and over for about two consecutive weeks. In addition to that, I logged on Pottermore using another e-mail address and I still got sorted into Ravenclaw. So happy.

7.) NATURAL LIP SCRUB. My lips are chapped regularly these days and my Lush Lip Scrub has already expired, so every other day, I apply Coconut or Olive Oil on my lips and scrub them with Sugar. It also helps gently brushing them with my Toothbrush after I brush my teeth. I always make sure to moisturise right after, using either Maybelline’s Baby Lips, or Kiehl’s Lip Balm (which I prefer, especially on days when the weather gets TOO intense).

8.) J-FAM (JEDDAH FAM). Apart from being part of their Music Video back in December, they finally released my favourite track off their EP (Lessons in Love), called Platinum Girl. How BEAUT. How am I friends with these guys, I don’t know. I thank the Heavens.

9.) THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL. I definitely enjoyed watching this movie. I could relate to a lot of the feels. I wish I had movies like this growing up, you know? Not a lot of “coming of age” movies were told as beautiful.

10.) MOLESKINE PLANNER. My very simple, Le Petit Prince themed Moleskine Planner arrived from the U.S. and I’ve been writing on it everyday. Even doodling. And if I’m being honest, writing down stuff to do actually does motivate me to get shit done.

And there you have it!!! I do encourage you to try this out, too! Make sure you head on over Raisa and Eirene‘s Blogs to check out their favourite things, link your Favourite Things entry, and read on the other submissions while you’re at it. It’s such a pick-me-upper, going through entries like these. There are so many inspiring people to come across.

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