Joining another fun link-up! This one’s by Raisa and Eirene (discovered through Helga, of course) called My Favourite Things, where we share a limitless number of thangs that struck our fancy (and got us out of our depression holes, self-destructive holes, self-loathing holes, et al), and is usually submitted / published every first Tuesday of the Month, which is awesome because Tuesday is my favourite day! Yay!

So excited to share my first entry Here are my November Favourites :

PURPOSE, because I never stopped Beliebing! Said it a hunnet times, I’m so happy that I stuck with JBiebs throughout his asshole rebel phase. Every time something negative is written about him, I always look back at the boy who prayed before having Lunch with his friends (I’ve seen Never Say Never countless times), I’ve always known that that precious, precious boy is still in there. Glad he’s back. Or you know, whatevs. I’m still going to be a fan, regardless.

IMG_7511 IMG_7507

MAC’S KINDA SEXY, because I am a lippie-mixing machine, it itches me whenever I use one Lipstick on its own, I can’t. Kinda Sexy cured that.


ABH’s PURE HOLLYWOOD, thanks to it’s super rich, creamy texture and heavy coverage. Also, this shade is gorgeous. I also don’t mind wearing it on its own.


SU:RA, because the gods know how much I love Texas Roadhouse and The Cheesecake Factory but my tummy thanked me (and begged me to feed it endlessly with food from Su:Ra) the moment I took a first bite of the Beef (I think it’s the Bulgogi? UGH, YUM). Drew and I agreed we would indefinitely be spending Cheat Days every other week here (safe to say that it’s going to be awhile before I crave for Ribs from Texas and Katsu from Cheesecake Factory). Expect this to also be part of my December list, LELZ.


LOVE, because despite the negative reviews, to me, it is exactly the way Noé describes it (if not envisions it). Also, waiting for the 3D release? I’ve polished my 3D glasses already.


Basic photo for a Basic girl’s Basic fave, lel

MOCHA FRAPPE, because I am so basic (and proud). I don’t know what made me avoid Mocha Frappuccinos all these years. I think the first and last time I had one was in 2001. I’ve been ordering it a lot from Starbucks over the past month.

That’s about it so far. I do encourage you to try this out, too! Make sure you head on over Raisa and Eirene’s Blogs to check out their favourite things, link your Favourite Things entry, and read on the other submissions while you’re at it. It’s such a pick-me-upper, going through entries like these. There are so many inspiring people to come across.

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