My first review / swatch entry, so exciting! That’s also my way of indirectly saying this would probably be bad, given that it is my first time to write reviews on recent lippy finds – I don’t consider myself to be a an expert on make-up, just someone who is obsessed with Eyeshadows and Lipsticks, but thought I’d share my latest haul (and a short review of each product – based on my standards) with you! Cut me some slack, mmkay?

(Disclaimer : as mentioned in this Sunday Currently post, I apologise to the Internet for choosing to be ignorant and not read on the whole Lime Crime sham despite what I’ve heard from friends, not until after I got Shroom and Bleached. Including both lippies on this post anyway. Last na ‘to, promise.)

On this entry : Lime Crime Shroom, LA Splash Latte Confession, Colourpop Lippie Stix Tootsi from @rusumat2014 / Lime Crime Bleached, Girlactik Allure, Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood, Colourpop Lippie Stix Brink from @bello24shop


Photos taken on an iPhone 6, color adjusted on Photoshop (I only used the Auto Color option on all photos, nothing else).

Without further ado, let the swatching commence!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood 1 Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood 2 Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood 3 Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood 4 Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood 5

Pure Hollywood was one of the most challenging to apply for a Liquid Lipstick n00b like me, but I mean this in the best way, because of it’s thick / rich texture. One swoosh is all you need. It didn’t dry quickly which I liked, because it gave me time to properly spread it around my lips. I guess this is preferably used with a Lip Pencil, but I’m pretty good without. I’ve had a crush on this color from the moment I saw Beauty Bloggers swatch it. There aren’t a lot of pale nudes I like on me, but this is just too gorgeous. One of my favourite purchases this month, hands down.

Colourpop Brink

Colourpop Lippie Stix Brink

Colourpop Brink 1 Colourpop Brink 2Colourpop Brink 3Colourpop Brink 4

Brink is such a no-fuss shade. The Lippie itself is S U P E R, I used it the whole day today and didn’t even have to re-apply within the first 6 hours it was on my Lips (and mind you, I’ve had cups of Cappuccino and Tea, Oatmeal Cookies, etc.), it’s AHMAHZING.

Colourpop Tootsi

Colourpop Lippie Stix Tootsi

Colourpop Tootsi 1 Colourpop Tootsi 2 Colourpop Tootsi 3 Colourpop Tootsi 4

Tootsi is one of Cashmere’s dupes. This is my first time liking this kind of shade on me. I’m not much of a risk-taker when it comes to Lippies (I stick to my go-to shades), but I’m glad I got this. It’s pretty overall, don’t you think? I tried mixing it with Velvet Teddy the other day and loved it. I’m guessing it would be a good base color for all the other lippies I could mix it with.

Girlactik Allure

Girlactik Allure

Girlactik Allure 1 Girlactik Allure 2 Girlactik Allure 3 Girlactik Allure 4

Allure is one of my favourites. I was itching to get my hands on a tube because whenever I see swatches of it, I cry. Girlactik is topping my list of the most lightweight, long-lasting Liquid Lipstick brands that I’ve owned so far. Application is easy breezy lemon squeezy. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing lipstick at all. It doesn’t dry out, and it would take a village (of tissue papers) to try to rub it off. Once last week, I slept with my make-up on (hashtag Medyo Bad Girl). I woke up and it was as if I’d just applied it an hour ago.

LA Splash Latte Confession

LA Splash Latte Confession

LA Splash Latte Confession 1 LA Splash Latte Confession 2 LA Splash Latte Confession 3 LA Splash Latte Confession 4 LA Splash Latte Confession 5

Latte Confession is one of the best medium dark lippies that I ended up liking on me. If you’ve noticed, I barely wear anything rose pink because I never really thought it suited me, but not Latte Confession! So glad I finally found a shade I don’t mind wearing alone (if you know me, you know how obsessed I am with mixing lippies). On these photos, you’d probably think it’s almost the same shade as Allure, but it’s a bit darker IRL.

Lime Crime Bleached

Lime Crime Bleached

Lime Crime Bleached 1 Lime Crime Bleached 2 Lime Crime Bleached 3 Lime Crime Bleached 4

Bleached is the reason why I got sucked into the whole “why don’t I just buy something from Lime Crime, one last time, despite all the terrible things I’ve heard?” Peach Nudes / Nudes / Pink Nudes are my go-to shades. It was a no-brainer. I just had to have it.

Lime Crime Shroom

Lime Crime Shroom

Lime Crime Shroom 1 Lime Crime Shroom 2 Lime Crime Shroom 3 Lime Crime Shroom 4

Shroom is the first dark brown lippy I ended up loving on me on its own. I haven’t itched to mix anything with it. That says a lot.

Swatching is so much fun! I had to hurry in between applying them because I wanted to take the whole set of photos during Magic Hour. My head ached, ugh, all the stress and excitement. I’m currently running on 3 hours of sleep, I barely ate anything (currently back on the Warrior Diet, remember?), and it’s the first day of Shark Week. If there are grammatical errors on this post, I’ll probably get to editing it later.

I can’t wait to do another one – swatching the Tartelette (Amazonian Clay Matte) Palette from Tarte and the Naked Smoky Palette from Urban Decay, most probably by December!

Found the perfect photo to close this post 

Girlactik Allure 5