(I would like to apologise to all the Umbridge fans out there – I know you exist.)

I hate hate, and haters. What a way to start this. It’s one thing to be opinionated, and another to be a complete asshole about it (funnily, where people like that should shove their opinions lelz). Haters and Bullies go hand in hand.

Now that we’re here, I immediately regret wanting to post hate-related shit because I have A LOT OF FEELINGS about it and I don’t know where to begin and how to categorise them. You know, like your Lingerie (because you can wear crappy pambahays and wear lacey, come hither, rip me off underthings so you can’t really place them in the “wear on a date with David Beckham” lingerie tray, you can’t place them in the “wear if you’re feeling crappy” lingerie tray, and not even in the “wear while watching the VS Show” lingerie tray. In real life, I don’t have these actual trays yet … but I will). If that made sense to you, congratulations.

Okay, so getting all this out of the way. ENOUGH RANDOM TALK, ABUDAB, get to it.

Bear with me – this is one long ass entry. I won’t blame you for not wanting to read the whole thing, but it felt really good typing it.

Recently, I published an entry on HATERS. I remember almost breaking Drew’s keyboard because I was typing it with so much hunger for justice. Lelz. No wait, no lelz. This isn’t funny (and side note, check out this 5 year old entry I also posted on Haters, heh).

Let’s start with the most obvious problem : the fact that we hide behind our right to Freedom of Speech (also, our Computers). If Freedom of Speech was a real person, I think she would have slit her wrists by now, because people are SO DUMB, it’s unreal.

I was laughing because I had this saved in my Drafts even before this whole thing happened (I have this habit of typing them in my e-mail account, lel) :

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.52.25 PM

So now, as you know (the time I started typing this) – Liz Uy filed suit against Fashion Pulis. Coming from a very biased opinion (I am a fan of Celebrities he usually taunts his readers to hate on – Heart Evangelista, James Reid, Lovi Poe, KC Concepcion, Ellen Adarna – basically everyone he OBVIOUSLY writes negatively about, or encourages his readers to comment negatively about. I know this because I have posted countless of replies to his posts defending my faves and they almost NEVER get published – yes, I check!!! I’m THAT dedicated), it’s sickening to see the kind of trend he follows and spreads – HATE. I remember writing a comment that said something like “I hope FP could find it in himself to filter comments that do not need to be published”, in that context, and it was not published, of course. Sure he’s not the only one who does this, but a lot of people read his blog – I hope he realised / realizes how big a responsibility that is. And sadly, see how many people are actually very supportive of his posts, as some commenters say they are usually “backed up by evidence”. And we’re not even talking about drug, rape, murder-related news. We’re talking about who is backstabbing who, who got their boobs done. I mean …

I don’t know about Libel, but sadly we don’t have anything (hopefully I could insert the word “YET” – or do we?) that is against Cyber Bullying in the Philippines which to me is obviously the case.

I also wish he stops calling himself a Journalist. I’m a Journalism graduate and I blog and I speak my truths, BUT I NEVER FOUND THE COURAGE TO CALL MYSELF A JOURNALIST BECAUSE WHAT THE HECK??? REPORTING ON THE LIVES OF OTHERS (and not even in a sense that you would consider as NEWS) does not MAKE YOU A JOURNALIST, my friend. You are a Gossip Blogger, and I am a simpleng Mamamayan na Blogger. There’s nothing wrong with being a Gossip Blogger or simply – a Blogger. Journalists are putting their lives in Danger to be able to deliver what IS relevant news. You know, Hostage-takings, Fires, Attacks, Murders, Earthquakes, ring a bell? If you Google the word, this is what appears under Images :

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.51.33 PM

Then on the other hand, if you really feel like using the word journalist, why not try adding the word “Feature” or “Gossip” – I’m not sure if this title exists but it is what you are. If you really just want to bring news Entertainment news to people – try disabling your comment box because your Comment Feed is nothing but a pool of hate, and if you haven’t noticed, we have enough of that going on. Journalists all over the World are reporting about it if you watch the news. The actual news.

I do not hate Fashion Pulis. I can’t possibly have this much hatred towards someone I don’t know personally, but I have super strong feelings when it comes to what he represents / does. I could be wrong, but that’s my opinion.

Anyway, MOVING ON. That’s one Hate Topic sorted in a tray.

UGGGGHHHH, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. IT COMES WITH A VERY HIGH PRICE. People don’t know this, obviously – because they keep yapping and yapping and yapping like they don’t know how much their thoughts and views and opinions would affect their readers. It is one thing to rant – but throwing around hate is a whole ‘notha level. Public Figure or not, people are people. And that’s all there is to it.

I’m not a hypocrite to say that I don’t hate, because I do. But I talk about it with friends (in real life. Like, 4 of them at most), my closest loved ones who slap me back to reality. Just recently I was telling Drew about a person I follow on Instagram who has been posting excessively and he’s like “Walang basagan ng trip”, and I was like, oo nga naman. If another person said something about my excessive blogging (also excessive Blog promoting), I would be pissed because I’m doing it on my own page naman and not forcing people to read them (except this week, when I’ve been promoting my Blog and Facebook Page on a daily basis hrhrhrhrhrhrhr). Also, I obviously hate Tweet about guys who verbally harass me but do you see why it had to be done?

These are simple things we tend to forget. Sobrang nakakasawa na seeing people spread so much of it like it’s nothing. Side note : sometimes, we have to be wary that we end up becoming the people we don’t like. It happened to me, so now I try to be extra extra careful.

There are many, many ways to express your distaste / dislike for things that would still make people respect you and your differing opinion, ways for you to express your disagreement on things that would make it sound like you are stating your own personal opinion and not TRYING to persuade people to hop on your wagon and join in on your Hate Parade. THAT is Freedom of Speech. Or at least it should be. I’m not expecting people to nod at everything I’m saying now (honestly, I hope that they do, because I am so against this – BUT that’s the difference between Hoping and Expecting). It’s a very blurry line, indeed.

One perfect example is how this person (who is obviously not a fan of Mindy) threw hate at her during her  recent /IAmA/ and it was so sad. BUT SEE HOW GRACIOUS MY QUEEN HANDLED IT :

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.18.46 PM

Do you see how terrible the haters are? Let’s take a step back and disregard the fact that Mindy is a public figure. What makes people think its okay to say things like that? ALSO THEY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT GET MINDY’S HUMOR (I LOVE MINDY KALING, OKAY? LEAVE HER ALONE). Like I said, there is a way to say these things respectfully. They could have gotten their point across if they felt the need to make it without sounding like a douchebag / the enemy. No one is supposed to be the enemy. Why can’t we all be adults and just express ourselves in a way others could respect? We have a right to express ourselves / thoughts but we do not have the right to hurt others.

Remember, your’e talking to another person with a life you don’t know of / about. Even if you’re talking to your Sister, or someone in your family – they live a separate life from you. EVEN CONJOINED TWINS SHOULDN’T JUDGE EACH OTHER LIKE THIS because they are still two different people, with two different personalities and have different views and ways of seeing things. IT ALL GOES DOWN TO RESPECTING OTHER PEOPLE AND ACKNOWLEDGING THE FACT THAT WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. If you don’t like them, fine – don’t. No one should force you to. But that doesn’t give you any right to be disrespectful to them.

And don’t even get me started on Kardashian-Jenner haters (I’m a fan of theirs – Kendall, Khloé and Kylie for life).

Basically, what I’m saying is this : All press is good press? Not for everyone, and not just for Public Figures. Not when it goes too far and could possibly affect a person’s mental health. Not everyone is thick skinned to stomach all the mean things said about them. I know it should be a two-way street. People should work on how they take things and how they should have a sunny disposition, but not everyone can help themselves like this. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH. And the topic of people’s mental healths are already taboo to talk about as it is because there are SO MANY MISCONCEPTIONS about it that people STILL CHOOSE NOT TO UNDERSTAND. And that’s another topic for another day.

LET US BE KINDER (we can’t be kinder when we aren’t even KIND to begin with) TO EACH OTHER. Has the Internet drained us of our ability to be compassionate, logical people?