Decided to make a short video to talk about a few things 2020 taught me — naturally, the original video was longer than the current published version, but I got so bored of myself so I cut out many, many, many clips and went with this supercut because ain’t nobody got time for that. I bid 2020 adieu this way.

I shot this video quite late on the 29th of December — sped my way through editing it on the 30th, and uploading / publishing it on the 31st. It’s why I CBA to make everything 100% presentable, lel. SPIT SPOT, YUNG LASS.

Definitely kicking it old school, pretending that the year is 2007 and the quality of video I am producing is acceptable to Society (up yours, vlogging gatekeepers).

So, Sayonara 2020. You forker. But also … thanks for the hard lessons you taught us.