I don’t really remember what came over me last year (that’s a fucking lie, Abbie) when I made the decision to travel solo for the first time ever in 33 years of existence. I have always been a Beach Bitch, so Vince suggested Seychelles, which was perfect because it was only a 4 hour flight from Dubai, and well, it’s forking Seychelles.

I carelessly splurged to stay at the Constance Ephelia, and my only goal in mind was to pancake under the Sun. The weather was fucking perfect when I got there, because I was blessed with both Rainy and Sunny days.

It’s kind of bittersweet remembering my days there. I was a lot happier. I had one person to send Bikini Photos to. Lel.

Sidenote : To be completely honest, I had already felt the ‘shift’ then. It was when I typed this entry.

Anyway, PHOTOS! (Oh gahd, looking at these is making me all nostalgic — I freaking want to go back.)

Thought this was a pretty cute photo, lel. CLOUDS!
This is an unedited photo — this is pretty much the view while you drive through the small, cute roads. It pretty much reminded me of the Philippines, to be honest.

This photo doesn’t do the actual view justice, obviously.

Constance Ephelia’s receiving area.

I was clearly feeling myself.


Ugh, my room. I miss you, room.

Guys, I mean c’mon.

I’d draw the curtains open when I’d wake up at like 5AM and there’s a thunderstorm out. SO FUCKING GLORIOUS. Imagine me all snuggled in my Bed in the early hours of the morning and it’s forking raining out — SO FORKING ROMANTIC FORKING FORK.

The view isn’t so bad, this is the Tropical View Room, if I remember correctly. What I enjoy most are the Birds chirping. Also Bats. Let’s not forget the Bats.

The Beachfront is a good 4 minute walk from my Room. I stayed a good hour in the Hammock before I headed back to my room to call it a day (it was around 5PM, I think).

But I did make time for self-timer photos.

Pretty much my view for 5 solid days. When my Colleagues found out I was going, they wondered if I would be signing up for any of the activities available to me, but I was like, NOPE. My only goal was to pancake by the Beach. It was what my soul needed. Some forking quiet. And that was all I did. I had my book (Rumi’s Poems), and that’s literally all I did. I daydreamed. I veged out under the Sun. I sat on the sandbar for HOURS, teasing my feet with saltwater. IN PEACE.

I really took advantage of the Sunny Days. I LOVED IT.

The Spa — I highly recommend. My Masseuse made me cry. Tears of joy.

My daily situation during Breakfast. Oh dear lord. I miss it. The Beans are under all the Eggs. HAHAHA. BRB, drooling.

Bonus Ice Cream and RumCoke, lel

Also, look at these Turtles!!!! There’s a feeding session everyday. I spent a good 10 minutes making conversation with them on that one day I walked through the Mangrove Road to the other side of the Resort. THE PLACE IS HUGE. HONESTLY. There are about 5 Restaurants and several Bars there (none of which I went to because I stuck with Room Service — I CBA TO WALK AND GET PREPPED WHEN I COULD PIG OUT IN THE ROOM, although naturally it would be different if I had company, of course. I’m not THAT boring, but you catch my drift), so cray.

I love this place so much. They offer so many activities to do as well, you don’t really need to go anywhere else. Although exploring other parts of the island is a good idea, but if you’re there for legit R&R, then R&R you shall have.

12/10 I highly recommendo.

But if I’m being honest — as grateful as I was for having all these days to myself in this slice of heaven on Earth, it’s what happened the morning of my arrival in Dubai that meant to me the most.