This post is two months late, boohoo.

It was a Wednesday when my darlings, Carlo and Vince, messaged me to ask if I got a confirmation from work that we’d be off for Eid. I said, “Yes, on Sunday”, and they go, “Alright, let’s go to Singapore!” LEL.

If I’m given an opportunity to go someplace, trust me, I wouldn’t say no. I didn’t have funds so they paid for tickets (my share of the Hotel expenses, they didn’t let me pay, as their birthday gift to me, awwwww), and my pocket money? Courtesy of Rahwa. All I had left was about AED 160, hrhr.

Singapore for two days? What could you possibly get done? Well, a lot, actually. A lot of walking, too (which, at this point, you know I LOVE DOING). And with Bourdain’s cue, I thought it was the best time for us to pay our tribute by kicking it The Layover, Tony style.

We take off from Abu Dhabi at past 10PM, land in Singapore at past 8AM, check in the hotel, freshen up, met Ate Anne, and head to the Tiong Bahru market. Despite the weather, I was absolutely in love with Singapore already. Some part of it reminded me of Palawan. The greenery, the cute little shops, the local “touch” of its restaurants, the streets, the vibe. I was wearing my bell-bottomed jeans (no boots with the Fur, okay. Hahahaha hahaha I love my 2007 humor), but didn’t mind that the ends were wet because it was raining. I was so giddy.

This is the trip that started it all, I’d like to think. I’ve heard about Singapore, and have seen photos, videos, episodes of The Layover filmed there, but it just scratched the surface. I had no idea what to expect, and that is honestly the best mindset to have when you travel : let the environment surprise you!

Of course you know I’d watch this in a Heart Beat. HASHTAG GRETA FOR PRESIDENT.

TEAM GLOSSIER! My face with only Brows + Mascara. Shoutout to Glossier for not making me look like a Panda post-flight!

Excuse my tired face.

Swanky Hotel! This is at the Mercure on Stevens Road.

Here’s a rundown of our activities after checking in at the Hotel :

DAY 1 :

Tiong Bahru / Tiong Bahru Hawker Center

Thank you Tony, for telling us what to fill our tummies with! And to Ate Anne, who patiently guided me around the Hawker.

Orchard Road

Vince and I took so much advantage of the crossing time, we kept going back and forth, LEL


Went back to the hotel for a Power nap before heading to …

Marina Bay Sands

Gluttons Bay

This photo is making me cry, everything on that table was so fucking good

Clarke Quay

DAY 2 :

Universal Studios

Super bitin our time in USS, but the weather made it quite difficult for us to enjoy everything, so beat 3 hours in. BOO. Went back to the hotel to freshen up before our flight back to Dubai!

It was such a sweet trip. I fell in love with Singapore because of the Greenery, the cleanliness, the vibe was really good too, definitely worth going back to…

…FOR THE FOOD, MOST OF ALL. Everything we ate during this trip was good as fork. I’m weeping now as I type this because I miss it so much, huhu.

And of course, you already know my movie choice in the plane …