It was early this year when my best friend Maya convinced me that splurging on Skincare products should now be a priority since we’re at the age where skin becomes more sensitive, and more prone to react to the “Elements”. 
I’ve always been a fan of Skincare products, but mostly for my body, not giving much attention to my face. Because of this, I started investing on Skincare Products for my face. Here’s what I have :
Not pictured are my facial scrubs both from Neutrogena and Clean and Clear, the former used for night time, and the latter after waking up, as well as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion (which is a toner) that I put on twice a day (usually before applying the primer, and after removing my make-up, before applying the moisturizing gel or the Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil, depending on what I think my skin needs before heading to bed). Also, Olive Oil – which I use to remove make-up.
Thought I’d include the products that I’ve been using for the past 5 years on my body, my favorite is of course the Amande line from L’Occitane, and this is their latest release. I usually get the Oil and Milk.
Except for the Stretch Marks Cream, I recently found out one stretch mark on each side of my bum and it scared me, so I immediately bought it to prevent future marks as well. I’ve lost weight and gained muscle in that area (and still working on it), preventative measures had to be taken.
Not pictured are my other must-haves, such as the Virgin Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Salt Scrub from a local brand in the MidEast.
Among these products, I’ve really wanted to try a local brand from the likes of Belo, because I’ve been putting off plans of visiting her clinic in Makati everytime I’m back home (I splurge all my money on food and clothes). But I figured, why not try the products first? Belo Beauty Products AVAILABLE HERE!

Will be sharing more products in the future, should I come across something I end up loving. I’ve been wanting to try this product from Foreo, called the Luna. I’m not sure if I could convince Drew to get me one, or I’ll probably have to wait until I receive blessings on my bank account? Tee hee.

Read from Raleene that Argan Oil does wonders for your face, too. So there’s another product I’m adding to my list, crossing my fingers that Josie Maran is available in Sephora Dubai. And of course, the gold of all Skincare products, and I’m definitely going to get my hands on them : La Prairie. I’ve been dreaming of owning tubs from this skincare line way back in College. 

Will definitely post reviews (I’m sure they’ll be raves) in the future. I can’t wait.