The third part of my three-part entry on my first ever trip to the U.K., yay! Finally got the motivation to get off my slacking ass and finish this. I mean, I’d like to immortalize these moments on my slice of the Intarwebs. Sometimes I don’t go through them on my phone because it makes me so sad to miss my Family, and the U.K., which has definitely grown on me. I LOVE IT SO MUCH THERE!!!!!

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Family photo before boarding our Train to Marylebone for a day of shopping in Central Lenden!


Mama V treats us at Ponti’s, which I now love too, the Carbonara is SO GOOD.


Gee and I have been talking about this for a decade. In 2018, it finally happens. I am here. Oxford Circus. Topshop. The Motherland. Oh, my heart.


We walk to Carnaby. Is there any street I don’t end up loving, because I love them all. Is that normal?


I got two patches from this Vending Machine. I mean, C’MON.


The lights are so pretty during December.


Mama V and GeeGee <3


Molinaire, the Legendaire.


Liberty is so lush. Thankfully we pop by and I grab a bottle of the Hair Spray from Bumble&Bumble that I’ve wanted since 2012 if I’m not mistaken. Jeez.


The next day, pre-Wicked shenanigans.


It’s right in front of Hamilton where I dramatically say, “So near yet so far” … little did we know, 3 months later …




This actually fills up before the show.


Gee and I after much glorious. We cried so much, can you tell? We spend the drive back home singing along to the entire Soundtrack. Thanks for letting us do that, Pamilee.


Before my flight back, one of the next-door Neighbor’s cats decide to entertain us for a few minutes. That’s Harry. Can you spot him?

So excited to post about my most recent trip! I don’t know how I’m going to segregate them, because MUCH AWESOME, GAH. So thankful and grateful! I can’t wait to go back, definitely.