Ugh, I could barely get in the shower when the water’s all cold. So doing this felt like the world was telling me, “How about we make you try ICE COLD WATER and see if you like it?”

Didn’t have time to make my video any special or anything. Sorry.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Abbie Almasco on Vimeo.

This has drawn so much controversy, hasn’t it? There are some people who forgot what it was for, and have been doing it for the sake of joining in “the bandwagon”, there are people pointing out that ALSA.ORG is not using the funds for research, yada-yada-yada, the list goes on. Who knows. God forbid the latter isn’t true at all. 
I’d like to thank my friend Sheena, who didn’t just nominate me, but also paid my donation for me through her credit card (mine’s expired already, so I ended up paying her cash in exchange of donating for me through her Dad’s CC) – THANK YOU, SHEENIE!
God Bless everyone who did this and donated too. Doesn’t matter how much you’ve donated. It just feels good to know there are people in this World who are still willing to do something like this to help out. 
I really hope we can find a cure for this. And Cancer, and AIDS, and Ebola, and all those mean, nasty diseases that have been taking away loved ones from us.
Until that glorious and miraculous day comes, we will keep needing each other like this. 
God bless us all.