Buddha says it’s funny that people think they have time. I’m too lazy to google. Let’s just say Internet Buddha said so. I am typing this entry with one eye closed, while I internally panic that I have to sweat off two packs of Pancit Canton I just stuffed down my mouth before heading out with friends for a late night hang.

Word of the day : “Also”.

The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Sidda Thornton.

Articles on Introversion (heh)

A Blog entry on Introversion (heh)

Two Weeks-FKA Twigs.mp3

About my work-out routine today. Working on my favourite part. But it’s also one of the hardest routines HUHUBELLZ

Pancit Canton drizzled with melted buttah mm mm mm

I could figure out why I can’t seem to update my iTunes after upgrading my OS X to El Capitan. Anyone?
Also, wishing Waleed safely returns to Jeddah.

I could get my hands on the Tartelette Palette
Also MAC’s Whirl and Runway Hit because I have gone to several MAC branches in the past 2 weeks already HUHU STILL OUT OF STOCK HUHU
Also, that Sephora in Red Sea opens already because I want to get my Black Membership Card!

My favourite, mala-second skin, super loose shirtdress.

Photo on 11-8-15 at 1.34 AM

It’s my pambahay since last night

That Gringo is chilling right next to me as I type this
Also the fact that Drew made me Fried Shrimpies for Dinner
Also, I’m typing this on my 2012 MacBook Pro YEEEEESSSS IT IS ALIIIIIIVE YESSSSS

Photo 11-8-15, 5 41 51 PM

I just gave him a bath late last week. He went straight to the dusty room where #ProjectRummage is ongoing (currently on hold), and it was as if I hadn’t bathed him in years. Look how dirty he is. Hay nako.

To get my hair dyed – AGAIN. Back to the Ashy Ash life, please?

A hug from my favourite person

Stuffed (but not overwhelmingly), quite sleepy, but determined to get my work-out done so I can eat my fried shrimpies and then forcefully make space for my tummy before heading out with Mark and Nof tonight.

Ugh, definitely taking a 1 hour nap.