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The Last Man Vol. 1

An entry on Sex, Sexuality and my latest Beauty Haul (which are two separate entries of course, lelz)

Never Get To Hold You – Carly Rae Jepsen.mp3

About Pink Camel’s Chocolate Ispahan Cake (getting one whole cake for myself SOON).
And the Bulgogi I had at Su:Ra the other night (BEST. BEEF. EVER.).

The Cappuccino I’m currently having, hrhr

This month’s Shark Week would not be as painful and that it would end in about 2 days, LELZ

That I could forgive myself for buying two Lime Crime lippies … I’m so sorry, Internet. I didn’t read up on Doe and the whole scandal until after I got Shroom and Bleached, considering that I bought Lime Crime lippies back in 2012. Well, this would be the last time I guess (the colours are just so pretty, I’M SO SORRY).

A Cropped Top from Marks & Spencer, Joggers from Mango and my favourite go-to sandals from Zara

The fact that I am running on 3 hours of sleep and am “okay” with it, I show no signs of passing out. Also that very weird, amazing dream I had this morning about fighting for / promoting Education, featuring Saab. Hahahahaha! I don’t know why but I’ve been having a lot of Saab-related dreams. I miss her that much. My Mom was in it too. Also lots of paintings stacked on top of each other (used as ladders) and checkered floors and part of the school being submerged in Water (only ankle-deep) which is actually pretty cool. Also, the fact that my friend Maher finally found me a Driver, YAY! Also, also, also : Took a Belfie the other night, and I love how I am progressing so far with my Diet / Workout. Hashtag : Body by Drew! Lel.


To finally invest in good make-up brushes from Sigma
To get more Liquid Lippies HAHAHA

Another cup of Cappuccino, and the willpower to NOT take a power nap when I get home just so I could sleep like a normal human being.

Very amped, actually – to work out!!!! Must be the Dates + Almonds + Sesame Seeds + Choco Balls that Drew made me for Brekky? Like I’ve mentioned, we’re back to the Warrior Diet. It’s kind of my favourite Diet. I don’t feel stressed at all that I’m on one.