OH WOW. So much has happened in the past two weeks I couldn’t even put to words. I am very grateful that God’s blessed me with days like that, days like these, giving me the chance to recollect myself and … as that Hamilton track I used as my post title says, catch a breath, take a break.

Definitely wishing you are all doing well, especially that INFINITY WAR’s out. I’m watching it in 12.5 hours – that’s 11:00PM Dubai time. Yes, I know it’s a 2-hour movie. Yes, I know I have work tomorrow. But I must carry on with this fight : I must defeat ALL SPOILERS.

Anyways, I’m actually drafting a few more entries for scheduled publishing. It’s been a week since I got back from my second trip to the U.K. where I had the best time, THE.BEST.TIME., I’ll try not to geek out so much, but you all know I’ll be crying as I type it because much glorious. BUT — before I do, will be publishing the third (3/3) blog entry of my first U.K. trip!

What else? I finally decide to suck it up and set an appointment with an OB-GYNE (who I am now in love with, God Bless Dra. Anna). Currently on Birth Control (no thanks to PCOS), but loving the side effects (Cystic Acne begone, oh and what’s this? Bigger boobs? Yes please). Got my first ever Pap Smear done, too! What is Adulthood, right? Turns out I’m somewhat doing my part (yay, me! And yay, Health Insurance!!!!), thank You God!

That’s all, so far. I’m typing this listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack for the nth time (it’s all I’ve listened to this past week). My new goal in life is to know all the words to the songs. So wish me luck because … *insert SUPA FIRE GIF here*

Hit me up if you got that reference.

So, in Lin-Manuel’s voice, I end this post by saying … “LEZZZGO”.