Here’s a special entry, celebrating 3 years since the “airing” (naks) of Tales from the Friendzone’s 7th episode. Teka lang guys, totoo ba ‘to? 3 years ago na ‘yun?

I decided to publish this on the 20th of December, because that’s when we went to Baguio to shoot (December 20 – 21, 2012 yo!). I felt it was best to commemorate (this date) because it still is one of my most favourites (it’s up there, topping the list).

I’m sure you’d like to know how this all happened? Nagtanong pa ako, eh magke-kwento naman talaga ako whether you like it or not, LELZ.

RA and I became friends on Instagram. He and Saaby had Saabmarine Teleradyo on UStream and I would sometimes watch them and would even fangirl in the chat room (which is funny because Saab and I are friends, but she knows I’m her fan first). Once, I ended up asking RA where he got his Turntable during their live stream. I think it was because of how much he loved his Cats (a.k.a. Masters), that we found our common ground. And the rest is, as they say, history.

I flew home for my annual vacation, December of 2012. Pedicab had a gig (Drew is the biggest Pedicab fan I know, way back College days), so I told RA we’d go to 70’s Bistro to see them play (he put me on the guest list, shushal). After their set, he comes by our table and after about half an hour of talking (and me fangirling), he asks, “Free ka ba sa 20? Gusto ka sana naming kunin para sa TFTFZ”. And I’m like, HOLD UP YO WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? Feeling ko nanalo ako ng Bb. Pilipinas eh. Pangarap ko talaga maging Girlie, tsaka ‘yung makasama sila ni Ramon!

In a heartbeat I said “OMG YES!!!”. Turns out we would be heading to Baguio since it’s for the Christmas Episode. I couldn’t believe it. I think I was shaking for 10 minutes and I was internally doing my happy dance (also internally screaming) for the rest of the evening (fun fact : I was so out of it that I ended up taking a photo with Kean Cipriano, kissing him on the cheek. HAHAHA! I mean, I asked him if it was okay, of course).

The 20th came and I barely slept the night before. We were set to meet at Serendra around 6:30 A.M. (because I felt so dyahe to ask them to come to Acacia Estates to pick me up, huehuehue) I couldn’t believe how much I was fidgeting. When I got in the car, I felt like my stomach was in knots. My god these guys are like, super intimidating because (duh), ang hehenyo ng dalawang ‘to, sino bang hindi mai-intimidate (siyempre in a good way).

Hindi pa kami nakakalagpas ng Taguig and I already told them my life story. Medyo hindi nila nakaya. Haha!

The trip was amazing (siyempre, expected na ‘yun). RA and I trying to stay up to keep Ramon company (who was behind the wheel), and I failing to do so (I would wake up to them joking about me on purpose para magising ako, #SaveAbbie, #InsideJoke). I still couldn’t believe I was on a Road Trip with them. I had to pinch myself repeatedly in the backseat because I swear, I would think I was dreaming.

They are honestly, two of the best people you will ever meet in your life (stating the obvious). As you all know, ibang level sila kausap. Pag seryosong usapin na, sobrang intense. And the knowledge they share with you about ANYTHING (even the most babaw of things) is priceless.

Pictures (that I’m sure you’ve seen before, but worth sharing again) !!!!

429135_122983881203231_1132925068_n 393053_122983764536576_1086032556_n603222_122983777869908_2119350946_n

Nag – Chowking muna kaming mga Bhe


Give me your best “Dragon, I’m Pregnant”! 


Touchdown Baguio! First stop, Hill Station <3


Daan daw muna sa butas ng karayom sabi ni Dragon, mga Beh.


Kunyari in love na in love ka, Bhe. Tapos siya, keri lang…

196963_401156179972305_1802722363_n64585_401155999972323_1171077001_n75073_401156229972300_1640307321_n388179_401156243305632_1098208427_n527554_401155973305659_804199665_n 58686_122983874536565_1795562184_n

It was such an amazing evening, walking from Burnham to Session and back <3


The best thing to bond over! I have a video taken during Dinner, stressed si Ramon saakin because of my “life problems” lol


One of the last scenes we shot before we turn in 


We woke up after less than 4 hours of sleep to head to the nearby Church to shoot the Simbang Gabi Scenes. Also, the last time I saw my Baguio Beanie 🙁 HUHUHU


“…May mali eh”




RA gifted me this shirt!!! 




With our Baguio hosts – the Go’s (SUPER THANKS, YOU GUYS!)


Bhe, ano nanaman ang ginawa mo?


Before our BCC Brekky

(Photos grabbed from the TFTFZ Facebook Page, except the last photo, hrhrhr)

Highlights of our Road / Baguio Trip :

1.) Ramon rolling down the windows to ask for directions not knowing we had stopped near a vacant lot full of horse dump. “Kuya … saan po kami pwedeng … ANG BAHO!” RA and I were laughing for a good 3 minutes.

2.) Hearing a Radio ad on Land Pesticide to the tune of Masculado’s Jumbo Hotdog

3.) The birth of Freaky Friday (Cleverlyn Edition)

4.) RA and I losing both our Hats (my Baguio Beanie, huhuhu)

5.) Conversations post Breakfast at the Baguio Country Club (courtesy of the Go’s, thanks Loveteam!)

6.) Ramon’s amazing driving skills (especially along Kennon Road), pati his special skillz on avoiding traffic. Human Waze si Dragon, guys.

7.) Binigyan nila ako ng Assignment (I cannot share this with anyone, and if either of them are reading this, I doubt they’ll remember. I will remind you both if you forgot, LELZ).

8.) Pag-tally ng Simbang Gababes

9.) Maraming maraming Inside Jokes

10.) The fact that we didn’t just shoot, but BOND! 

Until this day, I still can’t believe I became part of TFTFZ. Bonus nalang ‘yung binigyan nila ako ng chance na mapabilang sa #PasisikatinKitaHijaFoundation, but for me, the true reward is getting to know these two and staying friends afterwards who occasionally make catch up over the Internet.

Grabe, no one can take this experience away from me. It made me really happy, looking back (teka pala, diba usapan natin pupunta tayo ng Hundred Islands, mga Bhe? Anyare?). Wish ko talaga, sana maulit muli.

Hindi ko rin makakalimutan ‘yung usapan namin ni RA via text on the day of Episode 7’s airing (eh sa gusto kong gamitin ‘yung term na “airing” eh, paki mo), he was super stressed because naka-ilang render na siya (parating nagfe-fail, gaya ng effort mo para kay Girlie HUHU) parang nananadya ang panahon, tapos ang kukulit nating mga Abangers, hahaha! The struggle is real.

And of course, I can’t not share the Episode on this post.

Wishing you all a very merry (non-abanger mode) Holidays. But sige, maybe make abang nalang a little bit kay Santa Claus or something.

Guys, wag gawing Genie si Jesus ah!