I don’t remember the last time I did this. I did not have the reason to. Only people who are not afraid to be confronted of their existence would look out and into the world on a slow Saturday morning. But here I am… feeling like a person for the first time in awhile.

I sit next to the window, cigarette in hand (if you’re reading this, I’m sorry — but you told me I deserved it), Cat sleeping in front of me, both he and I oblivious to life happening outside ours. Okay, maybe just him. I’m not completely heedless.

Everyone’s going about their day as usual. Construction going on at the lot next to my Building, cars passing through, people carrying grocery bags back to their Apartments, it’s almost as if it’s any weekend. But it’s not. You and I both know this.

What’s changed?” is a question that keeps playing in my head. Honestly? Nothing and Everything, but us.

And you know what? I’ll fucking take it. We only live once.

The Priest was right about many things — but there was one thing he got wrong : “This“, just won’t pass. I refuse to let it.