I was partially expecting this, but I was still shocked, when these two suddenly rang the door bell one evening, after I did all my chores and cleaned my nails. ALL THE WAY FROM JEDDAH, they come unannounced. What transpired the following days was just enough proof that some things never change. Rahwa knows what I’m talking about. LOL!

We tried to make the most out of their stay, and I think we did pretty well for people with no itinerary. Kudos to us!

Here are photos taken by Rahwa, Sheena and me :


Went to La Mer all giddy because I couldn’t wait for them to see it — and they loved it! We walked over to the only Starbucks Reserve Bar in Dubai at the end of the evening and I had yet again another coffee brewed on the Siphon.


I think this is funny. I have an inside joke with myself.


I am the Master of posing beside 3D art.

“Does it look like I’m lifting the Box???”


While Sheena hung out with some of her oldest friends, Rahwa and I headed to City Walk.

“So where’s Will Smith????”

She gets her Iced Chocolate Fix, I get my Spanish Latte fix … all is right in the World.


I was so psyched to get my ass back to Bastakiyah, and it is GLORIOUS during the day. We also tried The Arabian Tea House (my first time too) and I fell in love with the food. IT IS SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. I also love that they play authentic Arab music. It’s an experience I cannot put into words. THE FOOD IS JUST … TOO GOOD. I am weeping just thinking about it. We also head over to the galleries that were open, such as XVA, MAKE ART, and AL SERKAL.


Cinema Akil, following me wherever I go … I love them.

67 8


Because I can’t NOT take people I know who are visiting to my favorite place in Dubai.



Headed to Deira to pick up the Harry Styles vinyl I ordered! I also treat the Girls to THE SHAPE OF WATER because we were meant to see this in the big screen. We all cried, naturally — and of course, this was probably the first reason why we headed back to Deira : the Girls wanted to eat at Dampa again! I can’t blame them.


Where we eat at Five Guys and meet Raisa, then headed to the Marina for a nightcap.


Let me tell you a funny story about this day. Sheen spent the night at her friend’s, Rahwa and I drag our butts to Kite to get coated (thank you Nila for sharing this term with me). Been on hiatus for two months because I was waiting for my tattoo to completely heal, when my irregular cycle thought it was the best time to pay me a visit. And guess what — that was the only day I didn’t pack tampons. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Good thing I brought a pad though, so we packed our bags, went to Salt, had Brunch and went home. JEEZ LOUISE.



For their last night, we just decide to roam around in Dubai Mall (where I abused my card at Kinokuniya), walk to the pet store for Gringo’s food, and spend a few hours at home.




Taken a few minutes before they left the apartment!!!!

Thank you so much for spending your forced leave with me, Girls!!!! Next time let me know in advance, lelelelel! I had fun, especially when we just do nothing together. Would be nice to have you back with Nang Nang next time. I love you both!!!!