I made this two weeks before my Birthday. A video for me, by me (so it’s basically full of my face, and my icky voice-over, which I would like to apologize for).

I’m celebrating all 33 (now 34) years of existence. All of it. So pardon the cheese! I mean, I’m sorry for making you cringe but I’m NOT sorry for NOT barfing at this!

Just thought I’d yet again — bring out my authentic sappy self. I usually have this fear of speaking my truth because it’s almost always used against me, but it’s my birthday. Hopefully I get a pass.

For the record (and this is my supposed “Trigger Warning”, lel) — I am not rushing into ‘anything’ right now. Felt the need to say that given the things I’ve sappily said in this video, but these are emotions I’ve always felt towards love, and is something I so strongly believe in and wanted to put out there for the sake of speaking my truth, not for anything else. So let’s calm down. Lol.

Thank you for taking us to where we are, thank you for all the roads you chose to take, thank you for pulling us through, thank you for choosing to be here.

Most importantly, thank you for making the choice to get back up every single time. Whether it’s rising from a fall, or rising out of bed in the morning. Thank you for constantly … trying.

I love you so much. Happy Birthday. You Bad Bitch.