She was in a pretty floral dress, fro in a high bun, headsets in both ears. We were in a lift – me, her, and a man. Out of nowhere she sings in chorus with the song blasting through her headphones, like she was the only person there. None of us budged.

There was not a care in her voice and I admired her for it.

I did not even think of that day much until some time last week, when I found myself singing out loud in public, at the metro link, on my way home.

Dubai does that to you.

It’s been 5 months and I still can’t believe I’m here. I wake up and I am grateful – even when days are tough, I tuck myself in bed and I’d be smiling. I pray that God would always give me that strength; strength to stay tough, strength to stay soft.

Was it difficult? Of course. Moving always is. Leaving your comfort zone always is. Leaving HOME always is. But boy, is it rewarding. I embraced the move equally as I grieved the loss of the life I lived. I knew it would always be this way wherever I went, I mean … there are pros and cons to everything.

I fell in love with Dubai the moment I stepped on its Airport Grounds. I could not explain it, really. I just loved it here. Most days I pass by the buildings and streets that I remember seeing for the first time back in 2013 and I am astounded that I am now here. Actually here.

I started typing this entry back in December, about 2 months since my move. 3 months has passed since then. Unsure why it took me all this time to continue typing this entry (let alone that intro) … actually, no, I do – it’s because I’m trying to live a life (i.e., beat after work so I’d rather laze around at the apartment, getting my ass out of bed to explore the City during weekends, which I also sometimes do in bed, lelz).

I don’t really feel like going into detail of the whole move (reasons, etc). What I feel like doing is sharing photos of my first few months in Dubai, which will hopefully give way to all the Photo Blog entries I wish to share in the coming days. Yay!

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Before Drew moved to Dubai (I flew in 2 months ahead), I would wake up bright and early on weekends to spend time at the Beach. This was taken in JBR.


Some Polaroid photos before I broke my Instax Wide hahahuhu

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I really hoped people would stop using Animals like this. Let them live in the Desert, wild and free.

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My Lil Sis Chesca, her Fiancé Alex and Tita Lib. I’ve known Ches from since forever, had the honour of meeting her Mom (and the rest of her family, actually!) back in 2010. Definitely won’t pass up the chance of seeing them. They treated me to Dinner at the Turkish Restaurant in their Hotel.

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My Loves! If you’ve been reading my blog since the early 2000’s, you’d know how tight Carlo and I are (he’s one of my closest childhood friends). I don’t mind adding Vince to our circle because he’s the best.

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I was taking advantage of the natural light on my way to hop on the Public Bus, back when I lived in Jebel Ali during my first month in Dubai.


I see this beaut everyday but it still leaves me breathless.

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These windows are the reason why I fell in love with my Apartment.


When Dubai started getting all cold and foggy. It was awesome, I went there at like 7-ish AM, ended up sleeping and all. I couldn’t even see the Burj Al Arab that morning …


… and you would normally see it from this view! If you look closely, you could see the top somewhere on the right.

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Can’t express my love for Glossier enough.

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This was when Tin took me to Al Serkal for the first time, to see this exhibit called “Byahe”, which is proudly Pinoy! Tin has introduced me to so many things in Dubai and I will be forever thankful. Al Serkal surely became one of my favourite places here. Definitely doing a separate post on that one of these days.

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Loved this Indie Theatre Production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest!


She has also been my constant work-out partner and encouraged me to try out Guavapass. Here we are after finishing one of our Boxing sessions in Al Quoz. I can’t wait to go back with her!


This was when she took me to Pilates for the first time and I ended up finding out I was totally a Pilates person.


I loved it here!


And of course, we work out so we could eat all the good food. Wild and the Moon is my fave forever.

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I mean … healthy AND yummy? Look at this Porridge! UGH, SO GOOD.

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Not to mention, their fresh juices are THE BEST.

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This one’s taken during Breakfast at Life’n’One in Jumeirah, after Yoga (also with Tin).

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Guavapass got me signing up for Ballet, which I enjoy (and miss) immensely. I’ve always wanted to be a Ballerina! I don’t mind working on being all graceful at this age.

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Typical Dubai Weekend : A Summary


I’ve known Jove since our early Multiply days. So happy we finally met (and in Dubai!), this was taken during one of our dates out.

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She took this photo of me! Hee.

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Global Village with my Boys


Loving this photo Carlo took of me, huhu

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And of course, FOOD. More food! This is my favourite dish from Angelina, the Tortiglioni Arrabbiata.


You would usually find me, Carlo, Vince and now Drew at Five Guys.


Wagamama’s Korean Buns are life.

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Taken during one of the three times I saw Les Miz in Dubai because WHY THE HECK NOT!


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I bought a dress for it and everything.

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Carl fondly calls us the DUBAIKADS. These are my Tumblrpeeps!

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This is my friend Michelline, who I’ve also been interacting with online for ages (and I’m amazed that I’m finally meeting all of them in person). She gave me a whole bag of make-up as a gift. It was crazy, and I love her so much. We have a lot in common!


With Ate Mitch and Peepo, my close friends in College. Ate Mitch works at Atlantis and treated us to Dinner! YURM.

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Of course the Force is strong with this one. Saw Rogue One in MX4D and 4DX (not twice but thrice) because WHY THE HECK NOT. Pero wala paring tatalo sa Moana, so far — which I saw in the Cinema five whopping times (tied with The 40 Year -Old Virgin which I also saw 5 times in the Cinema back in College… or was it 8).

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Carlo and I realised that we came a long way from our Carinderya Dinners at Taft back in College to spending more than AED 200 for two at Din Tai Fung. But hey, those were such good days. I still crave for it from time to time!

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I have the biggest crush on Rania Fawaz. I cannot get over how genuinely kind she was. You know how she is when you see her on IG stories / Snapchat? That’s her. No pretensions. She gave me a hug and called me “Maganda”! I can’t!



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Would you like to talk about this Sundae?



That one weekend morning Nila dragged us out of the apartment for a jog and breakfast at Jumeirah. I thank her for that.


This for a Breakfast View? Don’t mind if I do.

And there you have it! I’m doing a separate post on our trip to Abu Dhabi with the girls (Nof and Sheena flew in to Dubai) to watch Coldplay’s New Year Concert. Most importantly, will do a whole entry on living in Dubai ALONE for the first 2 months! I can’t wait to work on those posts. There’s so much to share!

Very thankful that God finally answered my prayers to move here. Thankful for the people he blessed me with to help make that happen – and to the ones who helped me survived my first few months.

Thank You, and I love you Lord! 

I love you, Dubai!